Hello, world!

oldsidebarYahoo is closing down GeoCities, so I’m moving my old Alpha Flight website to WordPress.  I still have the old site on my computer but won’t be porting it over word for word.  Instead, I’ll create something new: a blog about Alpha Flight collecting that’s more in line with the way people use the Internet.  I’ll include lots of posts about old issues, news about new developments in the exciting world of collecting Alpha Flight and some other goodies.

This should be fun. I’m tired of  manually writing HTML, tired of uploading files and images one at a time, and tired of living in the 1990’s when it comes to my web presence.  I experimented with WordPress by making a small website about Meg, an extremely minor character from Alpha Flight #7 (check it out, it’s a fun site that takes itself too seriously) and found WordPress to be usable for a more extensive site.

Well, wish me luck.  At last count of my old website, I had almost 600 issues indexed and that was back in April 2009, and that didn’t even include the main Alpha Flight titles (almost another 200 issues) nor about 100 or so books that I have waiting in the wings.  I hope to keep things organized but how can you organize almost 1000 issues without using a database?  

I want to thank the fans over at alphaflight.net for keeping the flame burning, being the best group of fans ever and helping each other find new comics with Alpha Flight appearances.  I love you.


One Response to “Hello, world!”

  1. Allan Says:

    And we at alphaflight.net appreciate your insight and your diligence.


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