Monday is FUNday at Alpha Flight Collector!

With all the Dark X-Men, Dark Reign, Dark Avengers and the death of Marrina this past week, it’s just too dark around here. So it’s time to lighten things up a bit. Monday posts are hereby declared FUNday posts, covering the lighter side of Alpha Flight appearances, mostly parody issues and other random silliness.

ffroastcoverFantastic Four Roast #1
May 1982

The cover wraps around but Alpha Flight doesn’t appear on the back so only the front cover is shown.

One of the few comics in which Alpha Flight appears before the launch of volume 1, this issue is a complete mockery of nearly all of the characters in the Marvel Universe, with artwork from nearly everyone mixed in. Written in the form of an actual roast, heroes and villains alike come up on stage to roast the Fantastic Four.  Every panel has some quip or joke or outright nonsense, the funniest ones IMHO being the X-Men sketch and the bathroom humor of The Whizzer.  After a few attempts on their lives by a possessed Willie Lumpkin, (a machine gun hidden in a chicken, a hypnotic disc in the salad, a bomb in the soup and an ice-cream monster), the entire dinner is destroyed by Black Bolt when he lets out a laugh after The Thing’s final joke.

Though the cover is drawn by Fred Hembeck, each page is drawn by a different uncredited artist, usually the artist who, at the time, was working on the characters appearing on each page.  John Byrne drew a few of the pages, one with Uatu the Watcher and the Silver Surfer dressed in vaudeville duds.  In the lower right corner of one panel is a tiny Alpha Flight cameo with Vindicator (Mac), Sasquatch and Snowbird as Mac calls out for some beer.  Here’s the panel and a close-up:



Mmm... beer...

Well, that’s this week’s FUNday post.  Isn’t it nice when no one gets dragged down into the crushing depths of the deepest trench of the Pacific Ocean by their ex-husband?

For a long-winded description of how this comic came together, written by none other than the inimitable Fred Hembeck himself, check out this link:


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One Response to “Monday is FUNday at Alpha Flight Collector!”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’ll take a six-pack of Judds instead of Dark Reign please.

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