A new personal best. Let’s hear it for Mailman Mike!

darkxmtbeg2coverDark X-Men: The Beginning #2
Sep 2009

Though not enumerated as a chapter in Utopia, a crossover between the Dark Avengers and Uncanny X-Men set in the Dark Reign storyline, this issue takes place before the events of Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1 and has the Utopia logo on the front. Norman Osborn recruits, or attempts to recruit, members of a mutant counterpart team to the Dark Avengers, the Dark X-Men. In the second of three short features, Weapon Omega is recruited and Alpha Flight makes a quick cameo.

Unfortunately, the cameo is a flashback to the unfortunate events of New Avengers #16 where Michael Pointer, as The Collective, killed Guardian (Mac), Vindicator (Heather), both Pucks, Shaman and Major Mapleleaf. Osborn meets up with Pointer at a construction site for a children’s hospital and tries to recruit him. The “corpses in the snow” scene is reproduced by Osborn’s pocketwatch holographic projector to demonstrate to Pointer that Osborn knows who he is. Osborn then threatens to enlarge the scene and show it to everyone at his work site, compelling Alpha Flight’s murderer to stop and listen to yet another of Osborn’s diabolical plans, one that results in Pointer joining up with the Dark X-Men. Somehow, crybaby Pointer manages not to uncontrollably sob for the entirety of the feature, an amazing 11 pages, a personal best. Because this site, like my previous site, has a standing ban on showing the “corpses in the snow” scene, here is a picture of some cute little bunnies jumping on each other instead:


Awww, cute widdle bunny wabbits!



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3 Responses to “A new personal best. Let’s hear it for Mailman Mike!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Awwww, are those arctic bunnies? Cause if so, we can pretend Snowbird is in the pic since she can disguise herself as an arctic bunny. She did it in AF 18 when meeting Doug Thompson. Michael Pointer was lucky she didn’t turn into polar bear Snowbird when she gave him a smack down in Incredible Hercules 117 😉

  2. Allan Says:

    Mailman Mikey eats bunnies for breakfast, after draining them of their life force. He is evil. He is also weak and pathetic. It is a real shame that Wolverine did not permanently end him…

  3. rplass Says:

    So, let me get this straight, you guys aren’t Pointer fans, is that what you’re saying? Don’t like the guy at all there, huh? I’m not as blunt in how I say it as you guys are, but after a few posts you can clearly see how I feel too.

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