FUNday is Awful this week!

It’s Monday, and you know what that means. Yes, it’s FUNday! This week’s installment of FUNday at Alpha Flight Collector is probably the most extensive parody ever of Alpha Flight:

pporker6coverPeter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham #6
Mar 1986

In what might be the grandaddy of all Alpha Flight parodies, the 2nd story of this issue is Awful Flight, a 5 page deconstruction of the team with absolutely no mercy.  Combining just about every Canadian stereotype with Alpha Flight as goofy animals wearing red plaid lumberjack ear flap hats results in a ridiculous romp.  The story starts out with Snow-Youse waking from a dream sequence on Walrus Lamebrainski’s couch.  Deciding her dream is a result of an acid-rain flashback, which angers Lamebrainski so much that he transforms into Summersquash, they team up with Aroma, Trinket (Elizabeth Twodeadanimals) and Hockeypuck to invade the USA to take care of the acid-rain problem.  Before they get far, Hockeypuck finds a US dollar bill, prompting them to abandon their mission and spend their newfound riches on root beer instead.

pporker6cThe story dates itself with certain jokes that wouldn’t make any sense today.  The issue of acid rain was high on the environmental agenda back then, but has fallen deeply by the wayside as the issue of climate change takes the center stage in modern times.  Additionally, the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollar, which was on a horrible downward trend for some 10 years between 1976 and 1986, reaching appx $0.70 USD for $1 CDN, is far more favorable to Canadians today, reaching parity with the US dollar in 2007 and as of the date of this post, nearly equal to it ($0.9715 USD = $1 CDN).

Awful Flight (l-r: Trinket, Aroma, Hockeypuck, Snow-Youse, Summersquash)

Awful Flight (l-r: Trinket, Aroma, Hockeypuck, Snow-Youse, Summersquash)

You have to wonder what type of audience this parody was intended for.  The story was published in Marvel’s Star Comics imprint, a line intended for kids with titles such as Care Bears, Muppet Babies and Strawberry Shortcake.  When Snow-Youse wakes up, she asks, “Howcum Awful Flight members are always winding up at each others’ houses with no idea of how we got there?” amidst a littered floor strewn with beer bottles.  What sort of kids comic is this?

What sort of kids comic is this?

What sort of kids comic is this?

Note: Creators for this story are w-Steve Skeates  and a-Steve Mellor, neither of which are Canadian

Note: For those of you who keep track of these sorts of things, this story exists in the universe designated Earth-8311, the Larval Earth. The team image above appeared in the OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover #6 in the Larval Earth entry.

Note: the heroes Cardigan and Nerdstar are mentioned but are not shown, eh?

Note: this Awful Flight is not related to another, even more extensive 8pp parody of Alpha Flight, also called Awful Flight (What The-!? #7), but that’s a matter for another FUNday.

Note: a miscolored version of Walrus Lamebrainski transforming into Summersquash appears in the letters column of this issue.

Note: if you have gotten this far and haven’t figured it out yet: Snow-Youse is a Snowbird parody of an unidentifiable animal, Summersquash (Walrus Lamebrainski) is a walrus Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski), Aroma is a skunk Aurora, Hockeypuck is a beaver Puck, Trinket (Elizabeth Twodeadanimals) is a rabbit Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), Cardigan was Guardian and Nerdstar was Northstar. Also, you fail FUNday this week.


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