Wild Child cameo in Wolverine Origins #38

wolorigins38coverWolverine Origins #38
Sep 2009

Wolverine’s never-ending origin continues in this issue, taking us deep into Russia to discover the secret plan and identity of Romulus, the shadowy and powerful figure who has been retconned to have manipulated every aspect of Wolverine’s life. Wild Child appears in this issue as an agent of Romulus, having joined up with him sometime before Wolverine v3 #53.

Wild Child, shown wearing his leather-studded costume, was last seen in Wolverine v3 #56 (Oct 2007), where he was posting polaroids of Wolverine’s torture in the pit on Romulus’ wall. His entire appearance is a full-page cliffhanger cameo at the end, towering over a very weakened and passed out Wolverine, who has just fought Omega Red in a climactic battle and has wandered out into the snow.


Note: this issue has a variant cover.

wolorigins38cover40sdecadevariant Wolverine Origins #38 – 40s Decade variant


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