Lambda Flight disbanded, Jeffries rejoins the X-Men

xmenleg228coverX-Men Legacy #228
Dec 2009

Continuing right where X-Men Legacy Annual #1 (2009) left off, this issue, now set in the Nation X storyline, is part 2 of the “Devil at the Crossroads” arc. Mister Jeffries appears as a regular member of the X-Men Science Team, having joined up in Uncanny X-Men #505.

While the young mutant Bling is off in Emplate’s scary, twisted pocket dimension, which, incidentally is rendered perfectly by Daniel Acuña, Cyclops and Rogue plot a rescue on the deck of Utopia Island, the X-Men floating headquarters.  Turning first to Dr. Nemesis and Mister Jeffries for a plan, Cyclops inquires about the firewall suggested in the previous chapter by the Science Team.  Jeffries appears in a few panels wearing civilian clothes, explaining how difficult it would be to reach Bling.

xmenleg228Jeffries appears again in black and white as Rogue’s astral form peeks into a peepshow viewing device in Emplate’s pocket dimension, discovering Dr. Nemesis and Mister Jeffries hard at work in the lab while Cyclops browbeats them to find a solution.

Jeffries only has a few lines in this issue and is noticeably less full of technobabble than he was in the previous chapter, though he still seems to have a firm grasp of the physics and mathematics behind interdimensional travel.  Also, the very odd lambda symbol seen in X-Men Legacy Annual #1 is gone, replaced by a very normal circumscribed X on his shirt,which you can see faintly on his red shirt in lighter red. The mark on his face left by Emplate when he sucked out his bone marrow has been healed nicely, presumably by one of the mutant healers on Utopia island or Mike Carey’s poor memory.


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