Utopia page complete, plus some comments about general site organization.

In an attempt to start getting organized with these posts, I’ve put up a Utopia page to group the associated issues within that story arc.  The little unassuming link is in the sidebar to the right or click on the logo above.  It’s the first one of many static pages I hope to complete, eventually forming a coherent hierarchical archive of appearances by story arc, by character, by era, by theme, etc.   I didn’t want to have long lists of things on this site so as to avoid the tedium of maintaining a database on a blog, but without any sense of organization, this site will just be too random to understand.  The built-in tags and post categories in the sidebar are great starting points but when you click on them, the site returns results in the conventional way: by displaying posts in reverse chronological order of posting.  That might not be the most useful way to see the site content. 

Once I have a few hundred posts of Individual Issue Appearances, it will start to make more sense.  I’ve never seen a blog used effectively as a good database for comic book appearances before, but I think I can make it work.


One Response to “Utopia page complete, plus some comments about general site organization.”

  1. Allan Says:

    If anybody can make it work, it is you.

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