Sasquatch cameo in Mighty Avengers #23

mightyavengers23coverMighty Avengers #23
May 2009

The Mighty Avengers was the official Avengers group formed during the 50 state initiative following Civil War, but in the era of Dark Reign, an entirely different team formed, led by Hank Pym as the Wasp. Assembled once again through Loki’s trickery, the Mighty Avengers’ first battle was against the elder god Chthon, who they defeated using a combination of science and magic. This incarnation of the Mighty Avengers started back in issue #21 where the Scarlet Witch (really Loki) recruited USAgent from Omega Flight. Sasquatch makes a single panel cameo appearance in Toronto as a regular member of Omega Flight near the end of the book.


In the same panel, USAgent formally resigns from Omega Flight, much to the relief of fans irked by the inclusion of non-Canadians on the roster in the first place. In the foreground is a giant white hand, presumably of Weapon Omega, another non-Canadian who would later be recruited by Norman Osborn to join the Dark X-Men.

Note: Sasquatch had been killed off in issue #21, but after Chthon’s defeat, the effects of the Chaos Wave reversed, setting reality back to normal.


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