Alphans appear in House of M: Masters of Evil #4

hommoe4coverHouse of M: Masters of Evil #4
Jan 2010

Set in the alternate reality of the House of M storyline where Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) warped reality into a mutant-centric world in which her family ruled, the Masters of Evil spin-off series concludes with the defeat of the title characters. Sasquatch and Diamond Lil appear as members of Magnus’ elite Red Guard.

Sasquatch first appeared in the House of M storyline in issue #6 of the main series as a member of the Red Guard, but this story pre-dates those events, as Wolverine and the other heroes haven’t been made aware of the divergent reality yet. The Alphans appear on a splash panel naming several members of a strike force sent by Magneto to take out the Masters of Evil, who had just defied him in issue #3 by conquering the tiny nation of Santo Rico, formerly ruled by the Jeffries brothers.

hommoe4aSasquatch and Lil jump out of a helicarrier, without parachutes, all bad-ass, of course, and attack the members of the Masters of Evil who choose to remain after the coup. Diamond Lil isn’t shown in the attack, except very tiny at the top of the opening battle sequence, but Sasquatch is shown in a few panels, fighting the Wrecker and again later alongside fellow Red Guard member Sebastian Shaw, taking him out with a nice right cross. After the events of Omega Flight when a super-charged Wrecker beat the crap out of Sasquatch, it’s very satisfying to see the tables turned and see the guy go down, in this or any reality. Sasquatch is also shown about to battle Titania, but the Absorbing man scoops her up and tosses her to Mexico before they can fight.

Diamond Lil hadn’t made any other showing in the House of M storyline, so it was a bit surprising to see her, and it’s a shame she wasn’t used more extensively in the battle. Her membership in the Red Guard explains in part why she wasn’t with Madison Jeffries earlier in Santo Rico. This is also the first time we’ve seen her wearing this costume, a uniform similar to the ones worn by Northstar and Aurora in New X-Men #16.


It’s still not clear why Sasquatch would be a member of the House of M Red Guard, as he isn’t a mutant, but speculation whether or not it was actually him or not in House of M #6 can be put to rest after this issue, especially since he’s identified by name. How they got him to put on a pair of pants is even less clear.


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One Response to “Alphans appear in House of M: Masters of Evil #4”

  1. Chris Says:

    Has Sasquatch been taking fashion advice from Northstar again?

    Seriously, I’ve always found it silly to see Walter in his Sasquatch form wearing a costume. Reminds me of Battle Armor Sasquatch from Uncanny X-Men 432-434. Battle Armor Alpha Flight – coming to a toy store soon, collect them all!

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