Preview of Astonishing Tales One Shot (Snowbird)

Here are the cover and first four pages of the 8 page digital comic Astonishing Tales One Shot (Snowbird). The rest of the pages are available only to subscribers. So subscribe, or wait until it is printed in February 2010, where it will be collected in Marvel Heartbreakers #1. Written by Karl Bollers with art by Harvey Tolibao. Enjoy!


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4


3 Responses to “Preview of Astonishing Tales One Shot (Snowbird)”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Thank you for printing the first four pages of this story; (there isn’t much more beyond this, BTW). I really enjoyed it, though I wish it could have been longer. It could shown a little more about Snowbird’s backstory, (such as her two previous husbands and infant son, which would have been appropriate to the theme of the story). Still, I’m glad to see any member of the classic Flight appear in Marvel. How about a decent Alpha Flight book next?

    • rplass Says:

      Well gee, there’s a lot already crammed into those 4 pages: the Northern Gods, her origin story, her purpose on Earth, realistic highbrow dialogue, 3 different powers: animal transformation (into a wolverine), her ability to compel others to assist (in this case other wolverines) and her unique post-cognitive power. That’s a lot. so there’s not much room for her life story on top of all that!

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Sorry. I didn’t mean it to be critical. I actually love the story, and read it daily. And what more do I want? More Alpha Flight! More Alpha Flight! More Alpha Flight!

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