Lights, Camera, FUNday!

Had enough turkey, cranberry sauce and football games? Had enough drunk uncles, rowdy second cousins and unsolicited psychoanalysis from your loving family? Gain 10lbs in one day? Well, fear not. It’s all over now (until next year, or unless you’re not American in which case go eat as much as you can until you feel like you could burst so you know what it feels like here, ugh), so sit back, relax, and save room for dessert: FUNday is back and this week, it’s astonshing. Well, it’s a tale. Actually, it’s both!

Astonishing Tales #3
Jun 2009

Marvel’s anthology series for 2009, Astonishing Tales, lasted 6 issues, a shortened sequel to its predecessor that also used a recycled title from years past, the 12-issue Marvel Comics Presents. Astonishing Tales originally started as digital comics on the website, containing material already seen by subscribers. Puck makes a single panel cameo appearance in one story.

The third of four stories is, “Civil War”, the third of six 8pg installments of “Bobby and Sam in Mojoworld”, previously printed as a digital comic series titled, “Astonishing Tales: Mojoworld” This madcap parody of the film and entertainment business features Mojo, who challenges Cannonball and Sunspot to make eight movies in one month. Of course, they recruit dozens and dozens of Marvel’s heroes and villains to be the cast and crew, which overlaps the film parody on top of the Marvel Universe in a very clever way. On top of that, the plot of this episode is a parody itself of Marvel’s Civil War crossover, set instead in America’s Civil War.

It should be noted that most of the cast of the movies are A-list Marvel characters and lesser-known characters are in the crew. However, the A-list cast doesn’t fare too well in this episode: Captain America wears an absurd powdered wig over his mask, Iron Man looks ridiculous wearing Union Blues over his armor, and Luke Cage is simply hilarious in a particularly awful Clark Gable toupee. The crew are spared these indignities, as they are just dressed as themselves while they apply makeup to the cast, serve drinks and carry stage equipment. In one panel, a cartoon Puck is shown carrying a stage light.

Credits for this story are w-Jonathan Hickman and a-Nick Pitarra, who do an excellent job writing and illustrating a complex and funny story that manages to include dozens and dozens of Marvel characters, sometimes all in the same panel!


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