Comic Book Legend (soon to be) Revealed!

I need to come clean with my readers about something. In a recent FUNday post, I said something that might not be correct.  I suggested that a comic book legend might not be true, but actually, I have no idea if it is or not.  With regard to the Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Special, I wrote:

There is a rumor (on wikipedia, of course) that subsequent swimsuit issues were titled without the word, “Illustrated” to avoid litigation from Sports Illustrated, but that’s highly doubtful. The Supreme Court decision Hustler Magazine v. Falwell in 1988 paved the way for parodies of exactly this type to be constitutionally protected free speech, so Marvel had little to worry about, especially since it was clearly stated in the inidicia, “This publication is a parody of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED”

Feeling guilty about posting something that might be completely false without checking with real sources first compelled me to contact Brian Cronin, the author of the incredible “Comic Book Legends Revealed” column over at CBR.  

Today, he wrote back, saying “I’ll see what I can find out” and if he’s able to settle this question, I’ll either be exhilarated to have gotten it right, or excoriated for journalistic FAIL. I do feel bad about dumping the research on him, but I have no means nor ability to verify this legend either way. Let’s see what Brian comes up with!


2 Responses to “Comic Book Legend (soon to be) Revealed!”

  1. Ahab Says:

    I am so glad that you came clean about this. This makes things so much easier for me, as I work with attorneys and thought I was going to have to take legal action against you for publishing such as fact without the reference source.
    I kid, of course.
    Let me just say for the record, that I LOVE this site and check it frequently. I get a good laugh at your comments, particularly those that go with the images you post.

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