Mister Jeffries beams me up in X-Men: Legacy #230

X-Men: Legacy #230
Feb 2010

The four-part “Devil at the Crossroads” arc comes to its conclusion in this Nation X issue of X-Men: Legacy. Mister Jeffries appears as a regular member of the X-Men Science Team, having joined up in Uncanny X-Men #505.

The story arc had a rather predictable ending as the X-Men defeat Emplate when Rogue brings his pocket dimension into the Science Team’s interdimensional dragnet firewall thingy. Mister Jeffries, at the helm of the machine, is shown in a few panels rooted in the same control chair he’s been sitting in since issue #228. Must be a comfortable chair, eh? You can see his hand in one panel, too, engaging the liminal field, but it looks like he’s doing something else. They can put “click click click” all they want into the panel, but it will still look like he’s engergizing the transporter controls.

Oh, man, this is just like when Scotty beamed up the bridge crew from the surface of Gamma Trianguli Five, awesome!

Man, I love this chair. I could sit here for at least the next 3 story arcs.

For those of you keeping track of these sorts of things, when Cyclops addresses him, he neither refers to him as “Dr. Jeffries” nor “Mister Jeffries.” Just “Jeffries” this time around. He had been erroneously referred to by Mike Carey as “Dr. Jeffries” in a few other issues, so this nit must be picked.

It would have been nice to see him in action throughout this arc, but this was really a story about Rogue, so he was only involved as a Science Team accessory role. He’s made it into each of the issues of the arc in this fashion, providing solid behind-the-scenes support for the main characters. It’s a good way for him to appear in a large number of books, but I’d rather… well, it needs not even be mentioned what someone who writes in a blog called “Alpha Flight Collector” would rather be collecting.

Daniel Acuña’s detailed painted style was perfectly suited for this “horror story resolved with old-fashioned sci-fi” story arc, down to the minutiae of warming Jeffries’ face and Dr. Nemesis’ white jacket with the green phosphor glow of the control console, a nice bit of excellent coloring.

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2 Responses to “Mister Jeffries beams me up in X-Men: Legacy #230”

  1. Chris Says:

    This story arc reminded me of the time Jeffries and Roger Bochs went interdimensional fishing for a new body for Walter. Just make sure that green phosphor glow isn’t the image of an angry green Hulk!

  2. rplass Says:

    Ha! No, it actually is a control console. There’s a shot of it from behind Jeffries in one panel and you can see a bunch of controlly stuff.

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