It’s BACONday on FUNday!

Ah, it’s finally happened. After sixteen attempts, FUNday has been taken over by BACON! Don’t eat it myself, but I have tried all types in my youth. I especially remember in 1997, my friend Alex Gershon from Toronto came to visit me in NYC and we went out for breakfast. He ordered “Canadian Bacon” at a local diner, just to get a kick out of saying it. Yeah, they don’t call it that up there so he was having a blast. Anyway, I had never ordered it before and was horrified, wishing he’d order something else that wouldn’t lead to an embarrassing scene of utter calamity. Who knows what would come out of the kitchen and the subsequent humiliation I’d endure… but it turned out he got a solid slab of it and was pleased, and made me try a bite. My impression? Ham. Speakin’ of which…

Marvel Age #53
Aug 1987

Marvel Age was a monthly series featuring previews of upcoming comics, news articles about various subjects, advertisements, humorous pieces, and the occasional interview with creators and Marvel staff. Long removed from the Internet age, it was a great way (sometimes the ONLY way) to get news about what was going on in the world of Marvel Comics. Cartoon Puck appears in this issue on the back cover.

This issue had the follow-up results from a poll found on the inside back cover of issue #42 (Sep 1986) where readers were asked to rank the Annuals from 1986 and mail in their scorecard. Of course, the first of three Alpha Flight Annuals were published in 1986, so it was included in the poll. The categories were Story, Art and Overall and you could check one of five boxes: Outstanding, Good, Fair, Poor and Awful. Here are the results, as a percentage of total votes cast for that issue, as published in this issue’s inside front cover in the section “Salicrup’s Section”

Alpha Flight #1 Story Art Overall
Outstanding 17.8 17.7 16.1
Good 35.5 40.3 41.9
Fair 38.7 33.9 32.3
Poor 4.8 1.6 8.1
Awful 3.2 6.5 1.6

A clear majority of readers thought the Story, Art and Overall issue were either Good or Outstanding by margins of 53.3, 58.0 and 58.0 percent! Note that in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, the winner only received 52.9% of the vote. Nyah, nyah!

This issue was concurrent with Alpha Flight #49 and solicited issue #50 in the section, “Marvel Coming Attractions”:

ALPHA FLIGHT #50 – Alpha Flight embarks on a race-against-time quest to find a cure for the disease killing Northstar. But their search proves to be a fatal one for some of the Alpha Flight members! A double-sized and danger-filled adventure that shall change the ranks of Alpha Flight forever! Guest starring: Loki! Written by Bill Mantlo, penciled by June Brigman, and inked by Whilce Portacio. $1.25.

There was also a solicit for Alpha Flight Annual #2, in the article, “An Annual Tradition” by Sholly Fisch. Here is an excerpt from that article where Alpha Flight is mentioned. Note that Sholly incorrectly identified Heather McNeil Hudson as “Heather MacDonald”:

While the AVENGERS and WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUALS fill their pages with a multitude of heroes, the ALPHA FLIGHT ANNUAL #2 will be doing just the opposite, thanks to regular ALPHA FLIGHT scripter Bill Mantlo. The ALPHA FLIGHT ANNUAL focuses on just one character, Heather MacDonald a.k.a. Vindicator. As the ANNUAL’s editor, Carl Potts, explains, “Vindicator’s been wondering if she’d be as good a leader without her battle suit.” She gets the chance to test her ability without the suit when, suffering from amnesia, she crashes in one of the small remaining pockets of Ka-Zar’s Savage Land. Her battle suit in ruins, Vindicator has only her wits to rely on if she wants to survive the prehistoric perils that fill the Savage Land!

You probably forgot about the bacon but perhaps now you’re imagining its succulent smell the sound of its sizzles on the grill, well, yes, it’s time for the FUN part of FUNday! The bacon! I mean, the calendar! The back pages of many Marvel Age issues featured a comical calendar with staff birthdays, one-liner jokes and parodies of various Marvel characters. The back cover of this issue had a calendar for May 1987 featuring cartoon Puck on the 9th, imploring readers to eat some bacon and eggs. I have no idea why we were supposed to eat bacon and eggs on May 9th, 1987 except as an excuse to show Puck saying “Canadian Bacon, eh!” Unfortunately, that thing Puck is holding does not resemble what Canadians call Canadian bacon, nor what Americans call Canadian Bacon, nor would a Canadian even use the term “Canadian Bacon” in the first place, unless you actually are Canadian and you’re visiting me in NYC and want to have a little fun. Credits for the calendar are w-Mike Carlin, a-Ron Zalme, c-Paul Becton.


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2 Responses to “It’s BACONday on FUNday!”

  1. Allan Says:

    I hate to tell you, but almost all bacon in Canada comes in packages full of strips, looking EXACTLY like what Puck is holding.

    Canadian Back Bacon is a very rare thing up here, I have only seen it in a few restaurants (a VERY few restaurants), and it is basically a very thinly sliced piece of ham that is then fried to make “bacon” . The only time I eat it is on those rare occasions when I go to eat at De Dutch, which is a Dutch (not Canadian) restaurant that only serves breakfast.

  2. rplass Says:

    Well, thanks for the info! The thing is, he’s not holding what is commonly referred to as Canadian bacon, so the joke falls flat.

    You know, this just goes to show that this site needs an “Official Consultant for Canadian Stuff”. Want the job?

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