What a piece of junk!

X-Men Noir #4
Mar 2009

X-Men Noir, a.k.a. X Men Noir (sans dash), is a re-imagining of the Uncanny X-Men in the film noir style, featuring alternate versions of familiar characters in what is essentially a murder mystery set in the 1930s. Puck appears in this issue in a few panels as a first mate to Wolverine, who is a ship’s captain/smuggler in this world.

After being saved by The [Golden Age] Angel in issue #3 from a nasty Chinatown bar fight, Logan called out to him, saying he owed him a favor. He calls in that favor this issue, asking Logan to provide the get-away vehicle. Puck appears in one panel in the bar, reading this message on a strip, sent by carrier pigeon. He isn’t identified in this issue by name, but owing to his dialogue, peppered with “eh”‘s, of course, and references to the events of issue #3, we can figure out that it’s him.

Dennis Calero’s very dark style makes it hard to see most characters, and in a subsequent panel, Puck is shown completely black as he steers the ship.

It's a good thing it's so dark or someone might notice the wheel is taller than me!

This is very typical of many panels in this issue. Strangely, the ship, Mariko, is a Chinese junk, which seems odd sailing in New York Harbor in the 1930s, until the last panel where their destination and presumed home port is revealed: Madripoor, in the Far East, where it’s not so odd to sail around in a Chinese junk. It’s not clear if she’ll make point five beyond the speed of light, though.

Note: there is a variant cover for this issue, also by Dennis Calero.

X-Men Noir #4 – Dennis Calero variant

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