Sasquatch and Northstar in What If? Spider-Man: House of M #1

What If? Spider-Man: House of M #1
Feb 2010

The What If…? line of comics continues its tradition of offering up alternate versions of events in the Marvel Universe with this issue, based on Spider-Man’s experiences in the House of M reality, where his dead girlfriend Gwen Stacy was alive and well, along with their son, Richie Parker. This issue deals with two scenarios based on her continued existence post-House of M and the problems it causes. There’s also a very funny section of cartoon foolery at the end that would belong in a FUNday post if this were a “Spider-Man Collector” blog. In the first story, Sasquatch appears in one panel as a member of Magneto’s Red Guard. Northstar also appears very tiny in a panel reprinted from House of M #7.

In the first story by Frank Tieri, “What if… Gwen Stacy Survived the House of M?” Gwen (Parker) discovers the heroes’ plan to battle the House of M in Genosha, as depicted in the main series House of M, issues #6-7. She travels to Genosha with her little roller bag to find Peter, and stumbles across the major battle where the heroes encounter Magneto’s Red Guard. Sasquatch is painted by Tom Fleming, resplendent in his Red Guard uniform and helmet, getting socked in the jaw by Luke Cage in one panel, recreating a scene from House of M #6.

An introductory page to this story briefly describes the general House of M reality and includes several panels taken from various issues of the storyline, one of which is a greatly reduced inset from a 2pg splash panel from House of M #7. You can see Northstar in that spread, identified by the starburst on his leg.

Can’t find him? Don’t worry, he’s hard to see. He can be found just to the left of Spidey and to the right of She-Hulk, inverted. Here is an inset from the original panel to aid in identifying this very tiny appearance:


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One Response to “Sasquatch and Northstar in What If? Spider-Man: House of M #1”

  1. Phil Says:

    So now we have 4 different versions of that 1 scene!

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