Vindicator in Weapon X: First Class #1

Weapon X: First Class #1
Jan 2009

The First Class series takes place in continuity just after Kitty Pryde joined up with the X-Men, and this three-issue series focused on Wolverine and his time with the mysterious Weapon X program. The First Class series is rated A (Appropriate for readers Ages 9 and Up), so there’s no bloody claws scraping against anyone’s liver nor chopped up eyeballs, sorry. Vindicator (Mac) appears in one panel during an unspecified time as a memory shard.

Logan and Professor X sit down to try and repair the tangled, hazy maze of lost memories in Wolverine’s head. They travel to his inner mindscape where they encounter what looks like a combination of a neuron architecture and a spelunker’s nightmare. Among the twisted landscape are memory shards containing images of various times in Wolverine’s life, in the form of jagged panes of glass. One of these panes shows Mac zooming by in his EM suit along with Wolverine.

Professor X, in the same panel that contains the memory shard, indicates:

Unfortunately, we don’t know how many of these memories are your own and how many were falsely implanted inside your mind during your mental conditioning with the Canadian government.

Therefore, it’s not clear if this memory shard contains an actual memory or a false one. Unfortunately, by including Mac in the same panel as this text, it perpetuates the myth that Mac was involved with some of the funny business at Department H, but we know that whatever happened there, he wasn’t involved.

It’s also not clear exactly when this memory takes place. From the way Mac and Logan are shown in the shard, it looks as if they’re on the same team, going in the same direction somewhere, not fighting each other, so it likely refers to any time after Wolverine reconciled with Alpha Flight in Uncanny X-Men #139-140, but not too long after that because First Class takes place roughly during Uncanny X-Men #138-#150. Note that Wolverine is wearing a jacket with a Maple Leaf patch, which suggests it’s supposed to be during the time when he was still with Department H, but that’s not possible because Wolverine expressed surprise that Mac could fly in Uncanny X-Men #109. However, due to the scrambled nature of Logan’s memories, the veracity of any portrayal of any event in a memory shard in his head is impossible to pin down for sure.

Note: this issue has a variant cover by Michael Ryan, who also did the regular cover.

Weapon X: First Class #1 – Michael Ryan variant


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