A footnote in Alpha Flight history in Incredible Hulk #606

Incredible Hulk #606
Mar 2010

It’s not really the six hundred and sixth issue of the series because Marvel played some numbering shenanigans when they started over at #600 but if you make a big deal out of it, HULK SMASH!!! This issue is part of the “Fall of the Hulks” storyline and begins with a ticker-tape parade through the canyon of heroes in Lower Manhattan to honor Skaar, son of the Hulk for recently saving New York from an attack of big ugly nasties from Sakaar. This reminds Bruce Banner of a similar honorific: the Hulk Amnesty in Incredible Hulk #278-279 (Dec 1982-Jan 1983). Vindicator (Mac) appears in one panel in flashback to the Hulk Amnesty.

The Hulk Amnesty took place during one of the periods when Bruce Banner was in control of the Hulk and retained his intelligence while in Hulk form. After defeating the U-Foes, the general population showered praise upon him, and forgave him for all previous HULK SMASH!!! An enormous group of super-beings from all over the world (and other worlds), including Alpha Flight, gathered in New York to honor the big green guy in a protracted ceremony with gushing outpourings of love and admiration. Alpha Flight made a few cameo appearance in those issues, including a single panel with the team members at the time (Marrina and Puck were members in the proper chronology of the Hulk Amnesty issues but weren’t created until Alpha Flight #1 came out shortly after in 1983).

The Hulk would not stay in this incarnation for long; he became savage again, split into two parts, turned grey, was reassembled back into one part, turned green again, [insert here a few hundred issues worth of the same sort of splitting, turning colors and going from smart to savage in mind-numbing iteration], eventually sent to another planet only to return with the purpose of killing everyone and is now split again, and oh, there’s a Red Hulk, too. So, that whole Amnesty thing seems a bit far off now.

As seen in the inset from that panel, the image above is printed with a hint of the half-tone method of printing used back in 1982 for the original issue, and is a nice touch, though we’ve seen this nice touch used before recently in Dark X-Men: The List #1 to show a flashback to an 80s era comic. Greg Pak adds an additional nice touch by using a nearly lost technique to refer readers to previous issues: the editor’s footnote! These were fairly popular back then (they were invaluable for finding guest appearances of your favorite characters before comic book blogs were invented) but have since been deprecated by Joe Quesada, the current Marvel Editor-In-Chief. However, this tribute to the footnote won’t go unmentioned!


Note: there is a variant cover for this issue by Marko Djurdjevic and a 2nd printing variant with interior art by Paul Pelletier.

Incredible Hulk #606 – Marko Djurdjevic variant
Incredible Hulk #606 – Second printing variant


2 Responses to “A footnote in Alpha Flight history in Incredible Hulk #606”

  1. Chris Says:

    It’s been a long time since the Hulk and Sasquatch have had a mighty Marvel misunderstanding (hint to Fred Van Lante or Greg Pak to write a new Hulk/Sasquatch smackdown)

    • rplass Says:

      Ah, yes, it has been a long time but which Hulk would smackdown with Sasquatch? There are so many of them… I’d wait until all of the Hulks sort themselves out first and then see what happens!

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