Sasquatch cameo in Silver Surfer Annual #1

Silver Surfer Annual #1

Back when Annuals were 64 page extravaganzas and before trade paperbacks made square-bound issues nearly extinct, this fun issue was the first annual chugged out of the Silver Surfer’s 1987 series. It was all over the place, containing a 30pg feature story, two five-page vignettes, eight one-page pinups and a two-page Galactus poster. They just don’t make comics like this anymore, folks. The feature story, “Adam”, was part of a company-wide event, “The Evolutionary War” that ran across many of the Summer Annuals, of which this was the third episode. Sasquatch appears in two panels in flashback to the events of Alpha Flight #10.

The Silver Surfer approaches Earth and notices a disturbance in the van Allen belts. Suddenly, the Super Skrull materializes, and gives “his side” of the story. He quickly recounts the events of Alpha Flight #9-10 in his own words:

…I was transformed into primal energy! And when, long after-ward I was drawn back to Earth, I was told I had become part of the radiation belts circling your world! My reformed body was subject to spasms of great pain–I realize now I had contracted the Betrayal–what do you call it on Earth?– — Cancer! But rather than help me–cure me, or send me home to be cured– –the monster called Sasquatch sent me back to the radiation!

Of course, he leaves out the fact that he brutally killed four men and one woman, all scientists at the Mount Logan Cosmic Ray Research Station, and was in the middle of trying to kill Walter when Sasquatch turned the tables on him. Minor detail, eh?  Well, I guess there are always two sides to every story, but this is just so twisted.  Readers unfamiliar with the original story would be in for quite a shock should they follow the editor’s footnotes referring them to the corresponding Alpha Flight issues!

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Joe Staton (left images) did an excellent job re-creating Byrne’s pencils (right images), copying the panels nearly perfectly.

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