Alpha Flight – Canada’s finest…. beer?

Since there’s nothing more fun in the whole world than beer, this week’s FUNday post might be the best ever. We’ve seen Alpha Flight statues, coins, and totem poles, but this tops it all off: Alpha Flight beer! Canada’s Finest!

Wolverine: Wendigo #1
Mar 2010

A Wolverine comic without Wolverine? Well, he does sneak into a few panels, but this one-shot, originally released as a Digital Comic, is more about a Quebecois detective named Jean Guy, a Canadian Wilford Brimley type who I’d love to see more of. Expertly handled by Alpha-Friendly writer Frank Tieri, Jean Guy gets to the bottom of a Wendigo encounter during a filming of a fictional documentary show, “Monsters, Myths and Marvels”, which Tieri debuted in Marvel TV: Galactus The Real Story #1 one-shot.

Tieri writes some great beer-related dialogue in this issue and let me tell you, Jean Guy is all about beer. Beer on his fishing boat, beer in the interrogation room, and most importantly, a beer poster on the door to the interrogation room featuring Alpha Flight!


The image looks sort of like a modified version of a more famous Byrne poster, minus Sasquatch and Marrina, and artist Paul Gulacy got the twins just right in a classic bookend pose. The poster appears again in a subsequent panel in shadow and later, a closeup of the lower left portion reveals a small label on the beer bottle that reads “Alpha Flight”. Well, since we can’t have our own series, we’ll have to take the next best thing! Beer!



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