Puck cameo in Incredible Hercules #129

Incredible Hercules #129
Jul 2009

Incredible Hercules took over its numbering scheme from the Incredible Hulk while Mr. Purple Pants was off in World War Hulk. Featuring a comically bumbling version of Hercules and his super-smart foil Amadeus Cho, this series is a mashup of Greek mythology and the modern world presented by writers Greg Pak and Fred van Lente. Though not marked on the cover as being officially part of Dark Reign, this issue took place during the Dark Reign era and is often listed among the unofficial tie-ins. Puck appears in one panel, dead, and there is a possible appearance by the real Sasquatch from Alpha Flight v2.

While on a quest to find Zeus, Hercules and Amadeus discover that on the way to the afterlife, an Atlantic City casino serves as a holding pen for souls “who believe they have unfinished stories” before either crossing the river Styx or facing the slim chance of resurrection. Poking fun at Marvel’s death-go-round that sends heroes back to the living world seemingly at random, the main floor of the Erebus casino is filled with recently departed characters, including Puck, who was killed by The Collective in New Avengers #16.

Readers who wish see through the paper might believe that this issue was to portend Puck’s possible resurrection by a writer known to be fond of Alpha Flight, but is likely less prophetic than respectful: a subtle hint from Fred van Lente that Alpha Flight has unfinished stories, eh?

Sitting to the right of Puck is a giant furry orange beast who looks a heck of a lot like a Sasquatch creature. Since it can’t be Walter (he survived The Collective attack), it’s possible that it is the true Sasquatch from Alpha Flight v2, who was killed in issue #12 by flesh-eating bacteria.

Possible appearance of real Sasquatch from Alpha Flight v2

Note: In Greek mythology, Erebus is the name of the other shore of Styx from Tartarus, so the casino name is mythologically accurate.


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