Northstar in the Dark Avengers Poster Book

Dark Avengers Poster Book
Apr 2010

Note: the indicia says Apr 2009 but that is obviously a misprint. The book was released on 2/10/10 which means it should carry an Apr 2010 publication date. It also says the books were manufactured between 1/18/10 and 1/29/10. No month nor year are indicated on the cover.

This magazine-sized book contains extra large versions of various covers to Dark Avengers and related issues, with the titles and business elements removed. The posters are nestled inside of each other so you’d have to remove the central staples to get to them, and you get a folded-in-half poster as a result. Unfortunately, they are double-sided, so you have to buy two copies if you want to hang all of them on your wall.

One of the posters included is the cover to Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1, featuring Northstar. Oddly, it’s referred to as the “Variant by Marc Silvestri”, but that cover was marketed as the standard cover, while other versions of the cover were labeled as variants.

For the truly insane: it can be seen from the poster that the border on the printed cover from Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1 slightly cut off part of Northstar’s right side. Here is the unobscured and magnified version of Northstar from the poster:

As mentioned previously, though Northstar appeared on that cover on the ground defeated, those events did not occur in the book.


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