Snowbird cameo in Incredible Hercules #133

Incredible Hercules #133
Nov 2009

Incredible Hercules took over its numbering scheme from the Incredible Hulk while the big green guy was off in World War Hulk. Featuring a comically bumbling version of Hercules and his super-smart foil Amadeus Cho, this series is a mashup of Greek mythology and the modern world presented by writers Greg Pak and Fred van Lente. Snowbird appears in this issue in flashback to the Sacred Invasion storyline (issues #116-120).

In one panel, Snowbird appears in a recreation of the amazing moment in Incredible Hercules #120 when she swoops out of nowhere to save Amadeus Cho. It was a dramatic moment and it’s nice for Fred van Lente to remind the reader of it. The flashback occurs in a portion of this issue which is a giant recap of all of the events in this title, which was done in issue #126 and again in the final issue #141. I’ve never seen a comic with so many recaps like this – not just what’s been happening in recent issues, but the entire run! It’s enjoyable to be able to pick up a comic book, never having read any other issues in the run and figure out what’s going on based on a combination of storytelling, exposition and outright flashbacks, but this is ridiculous!

One note: Amadeus Cho is shown holding his coyote pup Kirby inside his jacket in that image, but that’s an error – Kirby had already been outed as a Skrull impostor and wasn’t present in that scene.

Note: there is a variant cover for this issue by Salva Espin.

Incredible Hercules #133 – 70th Anniversary Frame variant by Salva Espin


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