Sasquatch with no swimsuit in a swimsuit issue!

Sorry to get your hopes up again, but if you scroll down, you’ll see he’s not wearing a swimsuit so GOTCHA again! Will you ever learn not to click on naughty post titles on FUNDay? Will this joke ever stop being funny? Will it ever start being funny? Great questions, answered in today’s FUNDay post!

Marvel Swimsuit Special #1

Those of you who keep track of frivolous details like issue numbers will be surprised to read yet again about a swimsuit issue from Marvel numbered #1, but yes, they started over with a slight re-naming. The title of this issue was changed from “Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue #1“, presumably to avoid litigation from Sports Illustrated, but that’s a comic book legend, we think. Along with the name change, the issue number reverted to #1. The format of the swimsuit special changed dramatically from the previous issue to include only pin-ups and fake ads, but no articles nor interviews. The theme of the pin-ups was a photo shoot of party guests at T’Challa’s engagement party in Wakanda. Guardian (Heather), Aurora and Sasquatch appear in pin-ups wearing swimsuits, or less.

On a full-page pin-up by Terry Shoemaker and Bob Wiacek, Aurora, Guardian (Heather), Meggan and The Wasp appear, flying about among the birds.

The caption incorrectly describes the scene:

These native birds used to be the most colorful, beautiful sight in the Wakandan skies. But, when the Wasp, Guardian, Meggan and Aurora joined them for some early morning aerial antics, these feathered fantasies found themselves taking a back seat to the flying females. The Wasp sports an always trendy solid color bikini while Guardian wears a functional yet formfitting circuitry bikini. Meggan displays her fish print two-piece with Rio cut bottoms. And last but not least, Aurora boasts a rousing wrap-around one piece.

As you can see in the image, the Wasp (below) is the one wearing the fish print two-piece, not Meggan (left). Meggan is wearing the one piece and Aurora (above) is wearing the solid color bikini. The circuitry bikini explains how Heather (right) would be able to fly in that scene, assuming it’s a version of her EM suit, but I don’t want to know where the power pack is hidden.

Later, a pin-up by Mike Mignola features Logan, Sasquatch and the Beast. Sasquatch is the one with the chimp on his head. Bizarrely, Sasquatch is not drawn with a swimsuit, but rather in his natural fur. Maybe Mike didn’t get the memo. I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense to draw him that way in a swimsuit issue.

Here is another version of the same image, corrected to fit in with the rest of the book!


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