Mister Jeffries receives a psext from Rogue

X-Men Legacy #234
May 2010

This stand-alone issue fits between the Necrosha story arc and Second Coming. Even from the cover, which shows Rogue holding an extremely suggestive pose as she removes her gloves, you get the sense that something very naughty is going on inside. It gets a lot worse inside, as the book is essentially an unending string of panels showing Rogue’s boobs popping out of her costume. Jeffries appears in one panel as a resident of Utopia Island, the new home and headquarters of the X-Men.

While trying to find the Phoenix Force, the Stepford Cuckoos relinquish some of their power to Rogue temporarily. She wanders about the island, exploring her newly acquired psychic abilities and comes across Gambit, her former lover. During a moment of intense recollection with him of some of the more intimate aspects of their relationship, she accidentally broadcasts sexual imagery out among the general population on Utopia.

It's hard to find him, but Jeffries can be seen to the right of Rogue's boobs

Mister Jeffries appears in one panel as one of the recipients of the psychic sex message (psext?) with a not-so approving look on his face. Rogue runs off, embarrassed, but not so much as to make her feel compelled to zip up her shirt a few inches.



5 Responses to “Mister Jeffries receives a psext from Rogue”

  1. 1979semifinalist Says:

    I’m glad someone’s talking about the ridiculousness of Rogue’s boobs in that latest issue of X-Men Legacy. I wanted to talk about it, but all that came out was “BLARGH ARGHHH!”. Just ridiculous. To bring a character so far and then have some random artist (who appears otherwise talented) just relegate her down to a pair of tits. So frustrating.

    • rplass Says:

      Hey Kelly, thanks for the comment! You planted the idea in my head when the cover was first solicited and you posted about it on your blog. I just had to link to it! BTW your blog is awesome.

    • Leshia Says:

      Well, she’s wearing those big ridiculous opera gloves now for no good reason (she can control her powers now! They’d just be in the way!), so I guess she needs SOMETHING with easy access to her skin.


      • rplass Says:

        Hey Leshia, good point! That particular panel is actually one of the more modest ones (selected because it contains an Alpha Flight dude). Many other panels show a heck of a lot more skin than that! Thanks for reading and for the comment!

  2. Allan Says:


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