Talisman cameo in Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #5

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #5
Apr 2010

The breakout series to introduce the new Sorcerer Supreme closed out early with this issue. Originally solicited as an ongoing, the series only included one story arc, which concluded with a satisfying victory for Doctor Voodoo and for the creative team who brought us this incredible miniseries. Talisman appears as a member of Nightmare’s dark army in one panel, having been seen previously in a very tiny cameo in issue #4.

Before bopping him in the nose and sending him back to Latveria, Voodoo had temporarily teamed up with Doctor Doom, battling an un-real army in an un-real world ruled by Nightmare. Picking up powerhouse magic-users along the way, his evil army fell before the mighty duo. Talisman appears on a splash page showing part of the huge battle. It’s a bit hard to understand how Talisman could lose to Doctors Voodoo and Doom, as she could easily overpower the two, especially in the presence of so much other magic energies. However, this wasn’t the real Talisman but an un-real version plucked from someone’s nightmare.

As can be clearly seen, she’s in her Omega Flight costume along with Shaman’s pouch on her right hip. The presence of that pouch is the clue that this appearance is not in continuity, as the original pouch was sealed up and brought into the Realm of the Great Beasts by Beta Ray Bill in Omega Flight #5.



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