A short FUNDay post. Still fun, just shorter!

Here’s a version of an old wedding toast, modified for modern technology:

A good blog post is like a woman’s dress. It should be long enough that it covers everything, but just short enough to keep everyone interested!

Well, this week’s FUNDay’s post covers everything and it sure is short!

Marvel Age #60
Mar 1988

Marvel Age was a monthly series featuring previews of upcoming comics, news articles about various subjects, advertisements, humorous pieces, and the occasional interview with creators and Marvel staff. Long removed from the Internet age, it was a great way (sometimes the ONLY way) to get news about what was going on in the world of Marvel Comics. Cartoon Puck appears on the calendar on the back cover.

This issue was concurrent with Alpha Flight #56 and solicited issue #57 in the section, “Marvel Coming Attractions”:

ALPHA FLIGHT #57 – The Alphans discover that nothing in space can be taken for granted as they become the catalyst for the creation of life on a baren world! But the life that’s created is out to kill Alpha Flight! “Life” is written by Bill Mantlo and penciled by Jim Lee. Direct Sales only. $1.00.

The back pages of many Marvel Age issues featured a comical calendar with staff birthdays, one-liner jokes and parodies of various Marvel characters. The back cover of this issue had a calendar for December 1987 featuring cartoon Puck on the 21st. For those of you who aren’t calendar savants, that was a Monday, which put Christmas on Friday of that week. Credits for the calendar are w-Mike Carlin, a-Ron Zalme and c-Paul Becton.


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One Response to “A short FUNDay post. Still fun, just shorter!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Excalibur looks too happy on that cover of Marvel Age. No mutant angst here folks.

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