Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries cameo in X-Men: Second Coming #1

X-Men: Second Coming #1
May 2010

A new, fairly massive X-book-centric story arc begins with this one-shot that picks up where the Messiah CompleX left off. In that series, a mutant baby was born, the first after the widespread depowering of mutants on M-Day. Chapter 1 of this series features the return of the mutant baby, Hope, with a heavy trail of destruction all around. Mister Jeffries appear in a few panels as a regular member of the X-Men Science Team, having joined up in Uncanny X-Men #505 and Diamond Lil has a small cameo as well.

While the X-Men convene their senior members in a briefing room on Utopia Island, their new home, Cyclops quickly recounts the casualties from the recent attacks during the Necrosha storyline. Up on the rightmost of three monitors is a head shot of Diamond Lil, who was unceremoniously killed by Mortis in X-Force #23. Though it was nice of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost to show this iota of respect for her, it really would have been much more respectful not to have killed her off in the first place. On the next page in the lower right corner, a close-up of Cyclops shows a poorly magnified reprinting of the same image of Lil just behind him, complete with the jagged pixelation of a novice Photoshop job. I count over a dozen re-used images in this issue, which takes away from the otherwise appealing pencils from David Finch.

On the same pages, standing next to Dr. Nemesis, Mister Jeffries broods in the shadows. He appears again much smaller in two other panels from this scene.

Man, am I pissed!

This is just about the angriest looking image of Jeffries you’ll ever see. It’s not clear why he’s so angry, as they are only discussing the extinction of their species, nothing all that gut-wrenching. He’s probably thinking what I’m thinking:

During one of the set-up sequences, Cyclops refers to his top tier of X-Men as his “Alpha Squad”. Later, Cannonball also refers to this top tier as the “Alpha Team”. This is an extremely poor choice of names for the top tier, as it is a complete and total ripoff of the way John Byrne organized the Department H members into Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flights. If you have an “Alpha Squad”, it only follows that your second-string is the Beta Squad, then the Gamma Squad, and so on. When Northstar was the faculty advisor for the Alpha Squadron kids at Xavier’s Institute, the use of “Alpha” in the team name made sense and was appropriate. In this scenario, it’s just a cheap knock-off of a long-established idea from a couple of yahoos who aren’t even worthy to sweep up John Byrne’s pencil shavings.

Note: although Northstar was a member of the X-Men during this issue, he does not appear in this book and is not a member of the Alpha Squad.

Note: There are two variant covers, a 2nd printing featuring interior art by David Finch and a 3rd printing variant also with interior art by David Finch.

X-Men: Second Coming #1 – Finch variant
X-Men: Second Coming #1 – inked Finch variant – this comic was a giveaway at the 2010 Diamond Retailer Summit on April 14-16 preceding the C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo)
X-Men: Second Coming #1 – 2nd printing variant
X-Men: Second Coming #1 – 3rd printing variant

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2 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries cameo in X-Men: Second Coming #1”

  1. Ahab Says:

    I love how as time progressed, Diamond Lil turned mre and more into a “hottie”. She wasn’t exactly a ten when she first made an appearance – “giantess”s usually aren’t…

    • rplass Says:

      Speak for yourself!  Not everyone has the same taste in comic book tail as you!

      But if there’s anyone who ugly ducklinged into a swan, it was Heather.  She started out as a dumpy secretary type and ended up as a big boob tight ass magnificent super-hottie!

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