Northstar’s leg in New Avengers Finale #1

New Avengers Finale #1
June 2010

Nothing could make Alpha Flight Collector happier than seeing the word “Finale” next to “New Avengers” on the cover. I giddily snatched this off the rack to silently cheer at the end of the line for the much hated Brian Michael Bendis (who I hate and who is a stupid jerk for killing off Alpha Flight in issue #16), but my smile turned upside down into a frown when I realized I would have to buy this for the collection: Northstar’s leg appears!

The book itself takes place at the immediate end of the Avenger-centric Siege story line and right before the Heroic Age story line begins. After the actual story ends, many major events that took place during the New Avengers title run are shown in flashback as narrated by Luke Cage. The flashbacks are in the form of reprinted 2pg spreads of iconic images from the run, including the opening 2pg spread from House of M #7 (2005) featuring an inverted Northstar just to the left of Spidey and to the right of She-Hulk. Here is an inset from the original spread:

This book ought to be found in a fifty cent bin at some point in the near future, so please don’t give Bendis (who I hate and who is a stupid jerk for killing off Alpha Flight in issue #16) the satisfaction of the direct sale.

Note: there are two variant covers, featuring two of the two page spreads from interior art:

New Avengers Finale #1 – Battle Ready Wraparound variant
New Avengers Finale #1 – Unmasked Wraparound variant

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3 Responses to “Northstar’s leg in New Avengers Finale #1”

  1. Suzene Says:

    Now that’s devotion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But really, that leg’s shown up so often, I don’t think anyone would have faulted you for recycling a prior showing of the panel at this point.

    • rplass Says:

      Guilty as charged. I don’t feel bad about recycling the image. They did it first. But that panel has only shown up 1 other time, as far as I know and that was in the What If? Spider-Man: House of M #1 issue, along with the original and its variant cover.

      • Suzene Says:

        I could have sworn it had shown up about four times on this blog, not counting this one. Ah well. Either way! Not worth paying cover price just for a little leg. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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