Diamond Lil cameo in Dazzler #1

Dazzler #1
Jul 2010

This One-Shot exists along the dimensional axis of the Necrosha story line juxtaposed with the Women of Marvel conceptual meta-arc. What the heck does that mean? Well, it’s labeled as a “Necrosha Aftermath” issue, the only one of its kind at the time of its release. It’s also part of Marvel’s “Women of Marvel” promotion of female comic characters and creators. Diamond Lil appears in one panel, in flashback to the unfortunate events of X-Force #23.

The story line picks up some time after Necrosha ends, but before Second Coming begins, telling the story of Dazzler re-uniting with her sister Mortis. Diamond Lil appears in the 2nd segment of the book, titled, “Tough Call”, referring to a phone call Dazzler makes to their mom after she brings her captured sister to Utopia for treatment. Penciled by Italian artist Francesca Ciregia, the image in flashback is among several images of Mortis as remembered by Dazzler, up to and including the Necrosha arc.

The Women of Marvel project, which includes a disorganized smattering of one-shots, miniseries, an omnibus edition and an OHOTMU collection, is explained in part by Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel:

…one facet of the program is to celebrate women of the industry, whether they are super-heroines, super-villainesses, artists, writers, editors, colorists, inkers, proofreaders, models, [etc.]

which would be fine if any of Alpha’s women were included besides for the meaningless and technically impossible death choke shown in this issue. Where are: Aurora, Snowbird, Talisman, Persuasion, Goblyn, Pathway, Witchfire, Murmur, Ghost Girl, and/or Stitch? Not to be found in this company-wide promotion! We’ll have to wait until Canadian Women of Marvel starts up, hopefully soon!


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One Response to “Diamond Lil cameo in Dazzler #1”

  1. Chris Says:

    Don’t hold your breath for some Canadian Women of Marvel oneshots. The closest thing to a oneshot we Alpha Flight fans will probably get this year was Karl Boller’s Snowbird story printed in Marvel Heartbreakers 1. Maybe Fred Van Lente can write us a full Snowbird oneshot comic?

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