Jeffries cameo in X-Force #28

X-Force #28
Sep 2010

The Second Coming storyline continues with Chapter Thirteen as the exciting climax plays out to its powerful conclusion. Although there is a fourteenth chapter, this issue ends the main action sequence taking place on the Golden Gate Bridge. The X-Men, X-Force and Hope converge to defeat Bastion with quite a bang. Mister Jeffries appears as a regular member of the X-Men Science Team, having joined up in Uncanny X-Men #505.

The entirety of Jeffries’ appearance is a single panel cameo, standing behind Dr. Nemesis as he urges Mr. Fantastic to hurry up with his attempt to get inside the impenetrable big red sphere surrounding San Francisco. This appearance is extremely similar to the “standing around behind Dr. Nemesis” appearance in Chapter Ten of Second Coming (Uncanny X-Men #525).

Trapping the X-Men Science Team outside the red sphere was a rather clever move on the part of Bastion and his mutant-hating team. Their main weapon against the X-Men were Super-Sentinels from the future, and basically, if you attack with an army of Super-Sentinels from the future, Madison Jeffries is just about the last mutant you’d want anywhere near the battle! Remember in Alpha Flight #43 he easily took down not one, but TWO Sentinels single-handedly, so it’s a good thing for the mechanical baddies that he was trapped outside, far from the action.

Note: there is a variant cover by David Finch, Matt Banning and Peter Steigerwald, and a second printing variant with interior art by Michael Choi.

X-Force #28 – Finch variant
X-Force #28 – 2nd printing variant

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