Red tentacled amoeboid crawls onto Guardian; fans excited and confused

Avengers #4
Oct 2010

Sold as a convention exclusive at the Fan Expo Canada 2010 in Toronto, this variant cover by penciler Phil Jiminez and colorist Frank G. D’Armata is one of the greatest Alpha Flight team shots ever published. Advertised as a low print run of 1,000 copies on the Fan Expo website, it originally sold for $10 in Canadian dollars at the show, which is like, what, $3.99 in US dollars? 1.583 Euros? Something like that. Alpha Flight only appears on the cover, not inside, leaving Alpha Flight Collector to happily tape shut this book forever, never having to read a single word from its much hated writer Brian Michael Bendis (who I hate and who is a stupid jerk for killing off Alpha Flight in New Avengers #16), whose accursed name is thankfully left off the cover, allowing fans to enjoy an unblemished blast of pure awesome.

The choice of classic characters (including Snowbird in arctic owl form) hints to honor Canadian creator John Byrne, as only Byrne-era characters and costumes are shown. Note also that Heather is shown out of the E-M suit, just as Byrne left her. The only flaw on the image is the oddly shaped maple leaf element on Guardian’s costume, which Jiminez actually attempted to copy from a Byrne image. The soft snow effects were added later by Frank G. D’Armata and is an excellent example (as particularly emphasized by Jiminez) of the impact a colorist can have on a piece.

A very large full-sized version of the artwork without the title block and letters can be found here (LGT


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4 Responses to “Red tentacled amoeboid crawls onto Guardian; fans excited and confused”

  1. Ahab Says:

    No Marrina though. That was a little disappointing. It makes me think that she is the one against all of the others in the one-shot. I hope not. Can she stop being played as the villain, please? The reason she was so endearing was because of the dichotomy of her sweet nature vs. her genetic background. When you only see one side of it, her character becomes very 1-dimensional.

    • rplass Says:

      I didn’t see any connection between this cover and the upcoming Chaos War: Alpha Flight one shot due out shortly. It’s hard not to connect the two somehow, because they were both announced right around the same time, but I’m not sure one can infer anything about the contents of the one-shot from this image. I do agree with your comment about Marrina’s nature and certainly would love to see her portayed heroically!

  2. Ahab Says:

    I am sure there is no connection whatsoever. I’m just paranoid. I have always really liked Marrina. That’s probably why my wife has such an uncanny resemblance to her.
    OK. Not really.

  3. Kenn Says:


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