Puck finally goes to Hell!

Wolverine #2
Dec 2010

No, not that Wolverine series, and no, not that other one, nor the third series, which became Dark Wolverine during Dark Reign – this is the fourth Wolverine solo series, and boy, do we need more Wolverine, seeing as how he was getting rather underexposed. The story arc kicking off this volume is “Wolverine goes to Hell”, which started in issue #1 with Logan already there. Puck appears on one page at the very end of the first story, in Hell, presumably still dead.

Puck, along with several other Alpha Flight members, was killed during the unfortunate events of New Avengers #16, so the dead Puck we are seeing here is possibly the same one we saw in the Erebus Casino in Incredible Hercules #129, which at the time seemed to be more of a satirical poke at the inability of comic book characters to stay dead than a prelude to resurrection.

Readers may be somewhat surprised that he went “direct the other way” – unless his past is far more checkered than is generally known and the years of heroism in the wizened portion of his life were insufficient to counteract all the thieving and murdering during his youth.

In addition to some small cameo appearances of characters Wolverine has killed over the years, there are a few splashy pages to introduce the likely players in this new series including Sabretooth, who was beheaded brutally in Wolverine v3 #55, the Ghost Riders and Daimon Hellstrom in another panel, and Puck on his own page. Along with Puck is a mysterious shadowed figure, who Judd addresses as “old-timer”, and who indicates there is a plan to get Puck out of Hell.

Renato Guedes does a great job with this image, especially getting the face just right – the only exception being the ears! Well, ear, just the one ear, but since this is a spiritual version and not the actual corpse, it’s possible both ears made it into the afterlife with a normal shape.

Note: there is a variant cover by Art Adams, a vampire variant cover by Mike Mayhew and a second printing variant featuring interior art by Renato Guedes.

Wolverine #2 – Art Adams variant
Wolverine #2 – vampire variant
Wolverine #2 – Second printing variant


8 Responses to “Puck finally goes to Hell!”

  1. suzene Says:

    I think the general speculation has been that playing host to a demon for so many years gave poor Eugene an express ticket downstairs once he bit it. I thought Jason Aron had confirmed that in an interview, but my Google-Fu appears to be no good.

    As always, thanks for being the eagles eyes for the AF fans out there.

  2. Jon Trouten Says:

    Suzenne: I remember reading the same interview. It was in an article about the Chaos War/Alpha Flight one-shot. For some reason, him being in Hell was significant for him not being alongside the other dead Alphans.

    Love this website, btw! I just learned about it. 🙂

    • rplass Says:

      Hey Jon, thanks for the kind words, glad you like it! If you can find that link, please post it in a follow up comment.

  3. One angry nerd Says:

    Great article. I would love to see Puck make it back to the land of the living.

  4. Phil Says:

    I think the link people are on about is:

  5. Phil Says:

    And the explanation for Puck being in hell;

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