With friends like this… who needs enemies?

Wolverine #3
Jan 2011

The fourth Wolverine series continues its first story arc with the third part of the five part series, “Wolverine goes to Hell”, with Wolverine already in Hell since the first issue. Puck appears on one page in continuation from his cameo appearance in the previous issue. This cameo is reprinted in part on the “Previously…” intro page.

As revealed in issue #2 of this series, Puck has been dead and in Hell since the unfortunate events of New Avengers #16 when he and several other Alpha Flight members were killed by the Collective. The reader was left to believe by the dramatic nature of Puck’s return that he was about to perform an incredibly heroic act to help out his old friend Wolverine, as well as help himself to get out of Hell. Unfortunately, instead of a direct confrontation with the Devil himself, (or a sub-lieutenant, or a minor demon, or any snarling baddie for that matter), or a clever escape plan based on his vast knowledge of mystic arts, or a physically challenging feat of acrobatic skill, we get very little action from Puck.

While Wolverine is nailed to an X-shaped structure (in homage to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #251, no doubt) on the side of a hillside in Hell, Puck shows up to say “Hi” and explains a bit of the latest political news. And then he (try to guess):

  • A) Unties his friend who he has vowed to help escape
  • B) Knocks over the X-shaped structure to free Wolverine
  • C) Brings a sip of water to Logan and promises to return soon
  • D) Offers a few encouraging words and leaves.

Smell ya later, eh?

Yeah, if you guessed D) you win. After seeing that look of determination in the previous issue, you’d think he would at least try to help the guy! The guy is nailed up by his hands and feet and left to suffer like this for a few thousand years and Puck just walks away without trying to yank out the nails – well, the nails in Logan’s feet that he can reach – it’s just not the headstrong bravery the reader was expecting and seems to be an error of pacing on the part of writer Jason Aaron, one that really doesn’t fit with the cliffhanger surprise re-introduction of Puck last issue.



One Response to “With friends like this… who needs enemies?”

  1. Jon Trouten Says:

    That sucks. I was hoping for more from Puck…

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