Northstar cameo on cover of X-Men: To Serve and Protect #1

X-Men: To Serve and Protect #1
Jan 2011

Though solicited as being “knee-deep in the Heroic Age” and despite a reference to the Heroic Age in the intro page, this issue does not carry the Heroic Age banner across the cover. It’s the first issue of a four issue anthology series, a format usually very much enjoyed by Alpha Flight Collector for featuring characters not usually seen much in the main titles. Northstar appears on the cover in a generic montage of X-Men not taken from events within the book, just to the right of Rogue in the upper right corner, but not in any of the stories.

His costume is drawn similar to Whilce Portacio’s version of the costume, with a chevron shape around his shoulders rather than the usual starburst shape, and white stripes down the leg. Here is an inset from the cover:

Cover artists Nick Bradshaw and Jim Charalampidis also added in black gloves and some sort of segmented boots. It’s hard to tell if he’s drawn with pointy ears or not, since he’s drawn so small, but that right ear does look pointy enough to give a thumbs up on this image.



One Response to “Northstar cameo on cover of X-Men: To Serve and Protect #1”

  1. Flightpath07 Says:

    Northstar is there? Oh yeah, there he is, hidden behind that green mountain range…

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