Northstar cameo in Generation Hope #1

Generation Hope #1
Jan 2011

What is likely the most gradual ever spin-off from another title, the first issue of this series could just as easily have been Uncanny X-Men #530, as the storyline, characters and art is seamless with an ongoing arc that started at the end of Second Coming and weaved through Uncanny X-Men #’s 526-529. During those issues, the new mutant signatures that became visible upon Hope’s return, known as the “Five Lights”, become known to the reader one at a time over four issues, the fifth being this one. Northstar’s legs and right arm appear in one panel.

After the main story, a very well-written 8pp summary of the character Hope, as told from her own point of view, fills in the reader on her entire backstory. Included in this is the Second Coming storyline and a portion of a panel taken from Uncanny X-Men #524 – the scene up on deck immediately after Nightcrawler was killed by Bastion and the X-Men gather around. Here is a portion of that page as originally printed:

This was actually a full page panel with two insets that was later cropped, rotated 90deg and magnified to form the cover of the second printing of that issue.

For the truly insane, here is a highly magnified image of the reprinted panel from Generation Hope #1. Notice by comparing to the above image, which is scanned from the very upper and right edge of the original page, that the reprinted artwork extends a bit in both the vertical and horizontal where now Dazzler’s entire hair can be seen and slightly more of Northstar, but only a freak obsessed fan would even notice this.

In the actual story of the book, each of the Five Lights muses to themselves some random thoughts about their current situation. One of the Five Lights, Laurie, a blue-skinned Canadian naked mutant girl mentions her possibilities:

My parents would be disappointed. If I was going to be a super hero, they’d want me to be an Avenger. Second choice would be Alpha Flight. (At least I could commute there from home.)

OK, not the greatest shout-out ever (second choice?) but a far cry from Matt Fraction’s outright insults against the team, so I’ll take what I can get from writer Kieron Gillen, who, at least as far as this throwaway line goes, seems to be more pro-Alpha Flight than his soon-to-be writing partner on the Uncanny X-Men title.

Note: there are two variant covers, one of which is inscrutably referred to as the “Transonic Variant” by Greg Land and Frank Martin, and the other is the very pricey “X-Men Montage Variant” by Marko Djurdjevic (misspelled as Djudjevic in the credits), which is taken from a much larger X-Men poster.

Generation Hope #1 – Transonic (??) Land variant
Generation Hope #1 – Djurdjevic variant


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