Alpha Flight cameo in Chaos War #4

Chaos War #4
Feb 2011

The Chaos War story consists of a five issue mini-series of the same title, along with eleven additional one shots, short series and a three issue cross-over with Incredible Hulks. Unlike other Marvel crossover events, it didn’t “take over” a number of ongoing series. It’s more of a continuation of the Hercules story that left off when Fred van Lente’s Incredible Hercules series ended with issue #141. A four-issue bridge series, Prince of Power, served as an ongoing monthly for the Hercules storyline until Chaos War started in late 2010. By the time this issue was published, the Chaos War storyline had already been very familiar to Alpha Flight fans, as the amazing Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 one-shot issue, one of the eleven special issues mentioned above, preceded it. Alpha Flight appears in one panel in a cameo to unspecified events following that issue.

After an intro page and a useful but awkward checklist page that could have been merged with the two endpaper pages of ads, a montage page shows four panels representing four of the Chaos War special issues that had been published around that time. The panel shown is not taken directly from the Alpha Flight one-shot, nor does it show any events from that issue, but depicts some aerial or cosmic battle between four Alphans and some Chaos Warriors, one of which seems to be taking a nasty swipe at Guardian. Sasquatch can be seen to his left, engaged in combat with a winged baddie, and Shaman can be seen just beneath, apparently adrift. Northstar can be seen just to the right of the caption. How Sasquatch is able to fly around in this seemingly ethereal space environment isn’t clear.

The full text of Athena’s narration reads:

The world’s greatest heroes battle to save existence itself… … and fail, falling thunderously… …before the might of your slaves.

This sounds bad! Well, at least Alpha Flight is included in the elite group Athena refers to as “The world’s greatest heroes”, so much thanks to writer Fred van Lente for this little shout out, even though it looks like Guardian’s not having such a fun time.


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3 Responses to “Alpha Flight cameo in Chaos War #4”

  1. Flightpath07 Says:

    THAT’s Northstar!?!? Geez, i thought it was Flex! Must be some weird lighting there, for Northstar to be clad in red…

  2. Phil Says:

    I think it’s an attempt to show depth, as the further down things get the more red they are.

    As to the actual panel, it (& all the others on the page) seems to be intended as an attempt to some up the events of the one shot(s/ tie-in issues) in one panel by someone who hadn’t read the script to the one shot.

  3. Phil Says:

    Oh yeah, and in regards to:

    “How Sasquatch is able to fly around in this seemingly ethereal space environment isn’t clear.”

    In Chaos War #1 Hercules gives all the heroes in that issue a part of his newly gained ultimate godlike power and the ability to fly, so it could be that.

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