Puck: Puck goes to Hell again!

Wolverine: Wolverine Goes to Hell #1
Mar 2011

In an attempt to get readers into the new Wolverine series, this 72 page comic reprints the first three issues of the fourth Wolverine series that started up in late 2010. Puck appeared in the second and third issues.

Fans who waited were able to save a bit of money, as the $4.99 cover price offered a deep discount, working out to $1.66 an issue – a pretty good deal for fans who may have shied away from picking up yet another Wolverine ongoing series at the full price of $3.99 each. That’s a $7 savings for those of you who were reading Alpha Flight comics instead of paying attention in math class.

The Marvel logo on the cover is followed by “Must Have” in fairly small text, which loosely affiliates this issue with an unorganized set of other “Marvel Must Have” issues mostly from 2001-2003. Those were similar three-issue reprints published for the same reason: to snag new readers into a new series or story arc.

The cover uses the same artwork as the regular #1 cover, and inside, also includes cover art without title blocks for issues #1, 2 and 3, as well as one of the 7 variant covers for #1, but otherwise is a straight up re-printing of the issues, with the backup stories also included.



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