Rogue’s boobs in X-Men: Legacy #244, oh and Jeffries too, whatever

X-Men: Legacy #244
Mar 2011

I was going to write a typical post about this issue, being sure to mention that it’s a standalone issue taking place just before the Age of X storyline begins, and probably something or other about how Emma Frost incorrectly calls Madison, “Dr. Jeffries” grrr… but…


They are huge! Spilling out of her unzipped front, often gleaming with what, what is that… the heated sweat of sensual desire? Or is it the natural glow of pure awesome radiating forth from their globulousness? Hard to tell. Oh, and blah blah Mister Jeffries appears, whatever.

A really good view of how low her shirt is unzipped can be seen here.

Note that if her shirt were zipped, there would be a circumscribed X across her chest where her gigantic, beautiful boobs are instead. Jeffries is staring right at them as he explains that some mutants are missing.

In another view of her boobs, you can clearly see the glistening highlights with a great shot right down the front, maximum cleavage here. Haha Jeffries is still staring right at them!

This is one of the better views of Rogue’s boobs. You can really appreciate how huge they are once she’s in the foreground. How Jeffries is able to avert his gaze away from her beautiful, gigantic boobs is not clear to me. Note also that Harvey Tolibao gave Jeffries a serious haircut since the last time he drew him, but enough about Jeffries. You can even see part of her belly below her boobs because her shirt is unzipped so far down.

please move your hand please move your hand

In this image, Rogue’s entire hot sexy body can be seen. Unfortunately, part of Jeffries gloved hand is obscuring one of her boobs from completely being seen, which is a shame. It would have been better if he were off panel describing how one of Emplate’s liminal doorways from the “Devil at the Crossroads” story arc is still open, because then you could see Rogue’s boobs better. Oh well, as nice as it was for writer Mike Carey to have re-used an element of that storyline from last year, it really wasn’t worth it to draw Jeffries blocking any part of Rogue’s hot sexy body, especially her beautiful huge boobs.

Another interesting element of this image is the symbol worn on Jeffries jacket, which is Harvey Tolibao’s self-styled insignia, a mashup of his initials (HMT).

You can see it again in this next panel which is one of the most amazing images in the book. Taken from a full page splash, you can see Rogue’s body twisted into an impossible configuration: both butt cheeks can be seen as well as cleavage from both boobs. You really get a good impression of just how far they are spilling out of her unzipped shirt here with this side view. It’s good that we get to see them from all angles. The HMT symbol can also be seen on her shoe as Jeffries and Rogue’s boobs confront the nearly invisible Spider Squid that has ensnared the missing mutants.

During the battle, a great shot of Rogue’s boobs shows maximum cleavage. Jeffries might be visible far off to the right side in one panel, I think, but I’m oddly compelled toward the left side of the panel for some reason.

In another panel in the battle, the front of Rogue’s shirt is pulled open even farther, probably the widest in the entire issue. Something something… Jeffries feet are somewhere, can’t… concentrate…




7 Responses to “Rogue’s boobs in X-Men: Legacy #244, oh and Jeffries too, whatever”

  1. Phil Says: ?

  2. Chris Says:

    Maybe Northstar should have accompanied Rogue against the Spider Squid instead of Jeffries.

    As seen in this classic panel from the X-Men / Alpha Flight: The Gift,

    we know Northstar would not be distracted by Rogue’s boobs.

  3. Flightpath07 Says:

    btw, I’d like to point out that you devoted WAY too much time to Jeffries in this post!

  4. Ahab Says:

    There are very few people that make me laugh so hard that I cry. You, my friend, make it happen routinely. You are one funny man.

  5. Flightpath07 Says:

    Harvey Tolibao, eh? Never heard of him. In spite of having a little lust for the object of his obvious affections, I got to say that I really don’t overall care for that style of art.

  6. Chris Says:

    Harvey Tolibao drew the X-Men Second Coming Revelations Hellbound mini series that had Northstar in it.

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