Snowbird cameo in Herc #1

Herc #1
June 2011

As advertised at the very end of Chaos War #5, Hercules returns in a new series written by Alpha Flight (volume four) writers Fred van Lente and Greg Pak. After the main story is an eight page “Hercules Saga”, describing the major events in Hercules’ life with text in caption boxes arranged around key panels from various issues. This is very similar to the “Atlas File” found at the end of Namor, The First Mutant #1. Snowbird appears in one panel as a member of the God Squad, with art reprinted from Incredible Hercules #119.

The panel as re-printed omits two text elements, a speech bubble from Amadeus Cho and the graphic descriptor, “BRZTWAKTZ”, but neither of those obscured Snowbird even in the original panel. Here is an inset from the panel as reprinted:

The accompanying text by writer John Rhett Thomas is somewhat inaccurate. It says,

Hercules headed an unlikely assortment of gods – including Snowbird, Ajak the Eternal, Demogorge and Amatsu Mikaboshi. …Hercules yielded to Athena’s wisdom and used Mikaboshi’s talents to achieve victory against the Skrull gods.

This is not exactly how it went down. In Incredible Hercules #120, Snowbird, in yet another burst of awesome, was the one who killed Kly’Bn by ramming Demogorge’s spine at full force into his back while Mikaboshi duplicitously killed Sl’Gur’T. The omission of Snowbird as being responsible for achieving victory against the Skrull gods is unfortunate, but was likely written that way because the rest of the narration had to do with Mikaboshi coming back later as the Chaos King.

Note: this issue has a variant cover by John Romita, Jr.

Herc #1 – John Romita Jr. variant


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