almost ready to return

The amazing site has been hacked out of existence, but is almost ready to return.  For over a week now, visitors have been seeing malware warnings but tonight there’s word that the malicious content has been purged.  A full update of the software to prevent it from happening again is in process, but the site won’t be up until a full backup of all files and databases is complete.

EDIT 11/17/11: For those of you who aren’t already following the official twitter feed, @AlphaFlight_net says :

Thanks for your patience while we fix and upgrade the site. We’re trying our hardest to make sure we’re back better than before soon.

In the meantime to discuss all things #AlphaFlight why not visit @daleeaglesham‘s AF messageboard at

Issue 6 is in stores next week, so previews should be available soon. I’ll try and retweet some links as soon as they’re available.

When we return, we’ll have a brand new interview from Si Spurrier discussing his new X-Club mini featuring Madison Jeffries.


6 Responses to “ almost ready to return”

  1. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    First post in 133 days! Welcome back, alphaflightcollector! You were missed.

  2. Ahab Says: must be down again. What irony…

    • rplass Says:

      Yeah, it was back up again for a little bit but has since been on the wonk. It will be back! When I get more news, I’ll let you know.

  3. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    Maybe somebody at Marvel just doesn’t want us saying anything bad against their decision to cancel the ongoing, so they hacked Conspirators unite! lol.

  4. Alpha Rider Says:

    I’d like to hang the creep(s) who did this.

  5. SusanEAC Says:

    I hope it comes back yet. The best AF site by a long shot.

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