Tastes like chicken Part II

Uncanny X-Force #13
Oct 2011

Rick Remender’s amazing Dark Angel Saga, which began in Uncanny X-Force #11 continues with Chapter 3 as the title returns to a regular production schedule. Not completely regular though, as Mark Brooks’ stunning pencils only made it into half of the book, with Scot Eaton taking up the slack. The Uncanny X-Force team and the Amazing X-Men from the Age of Apocalypse (AoA) team up in the AoA world to obtain a “Life Seed” in the hope Angel can be turned to good. In the portion of the book drawn by Mark Brooks, AoA Wild Child appears a regular member of the Amazing X-Men as the loyal companion of AoA Sabretooth.

In this chapter, the action starts out immediately where we left off in Uncanny X-Force #12 with 616 Wolverine holding the completely blasted corpse of his AoA daughter, Kirika, and good riddance. She’s no favorite of Alpha Flight fans, who saw her mutilate and then kill AoA Northstar and Aurora back in the 2005 X-Men: Age of Apocalypse series. As much as a treat as it is to see her charred remains, there still is a battle raging in the prison known as “The Sky” with the Black Legion, a mishmashed group of baddies.

The Black Legion’s leader, The Blob, tries to rip off AoA Wild Child’s right arm with his teeth in one of the most grotesque images you’ll ever see. A bunch of blood and arm guts spew out of Wild Child’s biceps. There’s something just so innately disturbing about defeating someone by eating one of their limbs. Not really biting… no, The Blob is trying to EAT his opponent. Sabretooth makes an attempt to rescue Wild Child, but in the next scene, Blob tosses him away as the severed arm drops down. Gross.

Tis but a scratch!

Bizarrely, Wild Child isn’t the only Alpha Flight AoA counterpart to lose a right arm. In X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #2 (2005), the now-crispy Kirika sliced off AoA Aurora’s arm and it’s just as gross now as it was then.

It's just a flesh wound!

After Weapon X, the AoA counterpart to Wolverine and the current Apocalypse, teleports away with AoA Jean Grey, the teams pause in the battle with the surrounding Black Legion and Wild Child can be seen on the ground sitting, holding his bloody stump. Unfortunately, he’s drawn with his left arm chopped off instead of his right arm; a minor error that I won’t let take away from the otherwise amazing job Mark Brooks did in his portion of the book.

Later, Gateway teleports the heroes to where Weapon X is holding Jean Grey, and Wild Child can be seen dropping down from the teleportation lightning storm. It’s a little hard to see him but he can be found just to the left of Psylocke’s boobs. I’d be happy to report that this time the bloody stump is drawn on the correct side (right side) except I’m so disquieted by the sight of any bloody stump on the guy that I’ll hold back on the merriment except to say that he apparently survived the brutal attack. The nature of his accelerated healing factor was confirmed explicitly in his Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (OHOTMU): X-Men – Age of Apocalypse 2005 entry so we can assume he would survive a severed limb, no worries about blood loss, etc. But still, it’s gross.

It also goes to show what desperately gritty badasses the Amazing X-Men are. The guy has half an arm and he still leaps into battle, undeterred by what is otherwise a massively traumatic injury. It should be mentioned that Fantomex had created a misdirection field around this area, so it’s possible that Wild Child (well, what was left of him, I mean) wasn’t actually present for this battle, but there’s no way of knowing if what we saw in the panel were an illusion or real.

Note: there is a variant cover for this issue by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend featuring a a majorly obscured AoA Wild Child in the lower right corner getting attacked by Zombie Sentry (one of the Black Legion), a battle not depicted in the book which, if it did occur, must have taken place before he got his arm ripped off because you can see both of his arms. Here is an inset from that cover showing the very unfortunately placed bar code:

There is also a Second Printing variant featuring interior art by Scot Eaton and Mark Brooks.

Uncanny X-Force #13 – Bachalo variant
Uncanny X-Force #13 – Second Printing variant

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One Response to “Tastes like chicken Part II”

  1. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    Pretty gruesome. Not for kids, or the faint of heart.

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