You want the long or the short answer?

FUNday is back on Alpha Flight Collector (for this week) and if you think that wolves wearing spiked collars gnawing off children’s limbs for sport is fun, then you’re in the right place! Wait, what? Yes, that’s the main story of this week’s issue. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with a cameo appearance by Puck, but is sure is a hoot!

Wolverine #16
Nov 2011

Since Wolverine got back from Hell in issue #5 of his solo series, he hadn’t had such a good time of it all. Previous to this issue, he was tricked into murdering his own children, driving him to spend most of issue #15 repeatedly jumping off a very high cliff to smash his own brains to bits on the rocks below. Then he called his girlfriend Melita Garner to tell her that he’s not coming back and to tell everyone not to come look for him.

Oh, the drama, Logan!

OK, so what would you do if you were Wolverine’s girlfriend and he called you from a payphone and told you he weren’t coming back and not to come look? Would you:

  • A) Call the FBI and CSIS and file a missing mutant report
  • B) Contact Alpha Flight, the X-Men and the Avengers and convince them to go after him
  • C) Ask one of the telepaths on Utopia to use Cerebra to locate Logan’s unique mutant signature and then ask Cyclops to send the Blackbird to rendezvous at those coordinates
  • D) Get out your iPhone and record a youtube compilation video of a couple of dozen superheroes sitting in front of drab grey backdrop answering the question, “Who is Wolverine?”

If you picked D, you win! Interspersed the main story (see above re: wolves wearing spiked collars gnawing off children’s limbs for sport) are two full pages of single-panel headshots of superheroes responding to an off-panel interviewer. One of the 28 heroes interviewed is Puck, who answers, “The second toughest Canadian I know.”

Goran Sudzuka drew him barely poking up from the bottom margin of the panel, which looks even funnier when you see the entire page layout. It should remind readers of the calendars on the back of various Marvel Age issues from the 1980s when we saw the same sort of thing.

The original artwork shows the entire page and gives a good view of just how much empty space there is above Puck’s head – compare it to any of the other panels and you’ll get the joke.

Click to see big version.
Note: these images have been digitally inked and are not the original pencils.

Well, it’s a short FUNday post for this week (yeah, I know, I said this before, couldn’t resist).


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One Response to “You want the long or the short answer?”

  1. flightpath07 / dredd sweet Says:

    I enjoyed Puck’s comment when i originally read it. And I still do.

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