Where are they now, Part III

It’s been a while since the last post and a bunch has happened. So, what’s going on in the world of Alpha Flight? In summary, quite a lot!

  • Northstar’s been a regular in the ongoing Amazing X-Men title, prompting a recent team appearance in the World War Wendigo arc
  • A member of the new Omega Flight, the mysterious Validator, has joined the Avengers
  • Windshear has returned as Chinook in the Logan Legacy miniseries
  • No one has died in a long time

Going character by character, the list below should cover everything. Same color codes as last time: for a few members who are actively appearing in an ongoing series, or have been popping up in the past year or so, names are noted in bold text. Green means they are alive and kicking, yellow means they are alive, but we haven’t seen them for a long time, blue means they are alive but depowered and gray means they are dead. The rest is self-explanatory.

Original Team

Member Status Last seen
Guardian (Mac) Alive Amazing X-Men #12
Guardian basically saved all of Canada in the exciting conclusion to the World War Wendigo arc, bursting out of Tanaraq’s chest! He was last seen recuperating, with Heather at his side.

Aurora Alive Amazing X-Men #12
Aurora had a strong showing in World War Wendigo, appearing with Northstar. She did have one subsequent non-continuity appearance in Northstar’s vision in Amazing X-Men #13.

Northstar Alive Amazing X-Men #13
Northstar has been the most active Alphan of late and appears regularly as a member of the Amazing X-Men team. He’s still married to Kyle.

Sasquatch Alive Amazing X-Men #12
Sasquatch is smart again and fought with Colossus and Firestar in the World War Wendigo arc. His most recent non-continuity appearance is in S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 in flashback.

Shaman Alive Amazing X-Men #10
Shaman’s most recent appearance was in the World War Wendigo arc, along with Marrina. He discovered the origin of the Wendigo outbreak.

Snowbird Alive Amazing X-Men #12
Snowbird played a prominent role in the World War Wendigo arc along with the Great Beasts.

Added v1

Member Status Last seen
Marrina Alive Amazing X-Men #10
Marrina’s role in the World War Wendigo arc was an appearance with Shaman, who discovered the origin of the Wendigo outbreak. She also had an updated entry in the recent Avengers NOW! handbook.

Puck (Eugene) Alive Amazing X-Men #11
Puck and Talisman are now a thing. He was last seen by her side as she recuperated from a brutal attack by Wolverine Wendigo.

Talisman Alive Amazing X-Men #11
Talisman was brutally attacked by Wolverine Wendigo and was last seen recuperating, hooked up to all tubes in a hospital, with Puck by her side.

Vindicator (Heather) Alive Amazing X-Men #12
Heather seems to have shaken off the effects of The Master’s brainwashing, likely has all ten toes and is back by Mac’s side where she belongs.

Wild Child Alive Wolverine #304
Wild Child mysteriously re-appeared in this issue, without explanation. Not sure what’s up with that but the Official Index says he’s alive.

Madison Jeffries Alive X-Treme X-Men #1
Jeffries appeared as a regular member of the X-Club science team in this fun issue. He also appeared in a non-continuity scene in AVX: VS #6, battling the Avengers scientists.

Purple Woman Alive Cable & X-Force #9
Kara was imprisoned following the events of Alpha Flight v4 and was visted by Hope, who absorbed her mutant power of persuasion. See what I did there?

Chinook Depowered Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #2
Windshear took on a new name and new costume as Chinook, appearing with X-23. Unfortunately, he’s dying from leukemia.

Goblyn Alive Alpha Flight #130
Goblyn was recently seen in a non-continuity appearance in Deadpool #34 in a 90s Alpha Flight version.

Diamond Lil Dead Nation X#3
Pathway Alive Alpha Flight #130
Manikin Alive Alpha Flight #130
Feedback Alive Alpha Flight #130
Roger Bochs Dead Alpha Flight #49
Flashback Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Smart Alec Dead Alpha Flight #46
Nemesis Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Witchfire Alive Fear Itself: The Fearless #10
Silver Alive AF#121
Auric Alive Alpha Flight #121
Wyre Alive Alpha Flight #130

Added v2

Member Status Last seen
Flex Depowered Wolverine #142
Radius Depowered Uncanny X-Men #406
Manbot Alive Wolverine #142
Murmur Depowered Wolverine #142
Ghost Girl Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Ouija Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Flinch Alive Alpha Flight v2 #20
Synth Mac Dead Wolverine #143
Real Sasquatch Dead Alpha Flight v2 #12

Added v3

Member Status Last seen
Yukon Jack Divorced Alpha Flight v3 #12
Centennial Dead Alpha Flight v3 #12
Puck (Zuzha) Dead New Avengers #16
Major Mapleleaf, Jr. Dead New Avengers #16
Mar Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12
Thunder Alive Alpha Flight v3 #12

Added “Other”

Member Status Last seen
Groundhog Alive Alpha Flight Special #1
St. Elmo Dead Alpha Flight Special #1
Stitch Alive Alpha Flight #127
Earthmover Alive Alpha Flight v3 #6

13 Responses to “Where are they now, Part III”

  1. Phil Says:

    I like that you’re still adamant Radius is alive 😉

    • rplass Says:

      Well, yeah. Until there’s something saying he’s not alive, I’m working with what we know: he’s got a force field that protected him from falling into the crevasse – later his mutant energy was detected in New Avengers #18, so he’s depowered but alive.

  2. Phil Says:

    My take was that even though Avalanche buried him alive, his forcefield would have kept him alive so he’d essentially be just stuck there forever.
    I know we saw him needing a mask-device to eat but did he *need* food?
    If not he would have just been there until his powers were turned off and then he’d be suffocated.
    Like you say though – until it’s on the printed page…

  3. Phil Says:

    Also with regards to the Sasquatch entry – S.H.I.E.L.D. is 616 MU not MCU.

    • rplass Says:

      Ok. After all the money Marvel made me spend on the variants, I ought to get it exactly right! Thanks for the correction.

  4. DMK Says:

    Nice list. I’ll have to bookmark this site.

  5. Scott Brownlee Says:

    It was so great to see Alpha Flight in the latest Amazing X-Men arc! Got me all nostalgic for them again, and I think it was quite well done.

    • rplass Says:

      Hey Scott, yeah it was well done. Your nostalgic feelings are probably due to the fact that everyone from the original team were used – wasn’t it great to see them together again? Thanks for your comment!

  6. Derek Robinson Says:

    I may be wrong, but I recall a storyline where either Silver or Auric died off panel?

  7. Phil Says:

    We need a ‘Where Is Rob Now?’ post 😦

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