Frequently Stated Complaints

1. You skipped an issue!
That’s because there are hundreds and hundreds of issues in which Alpha Flight appear. I don’t own all of them, and I haven’t finished indexing the ones I have. I do this while my daughter sleeps. If it’s listed on alphaflight.net, then I know about it. I am intentionally excluding all of Vol. 1, 2 and 3, as well as the specials, the LS, annuals and the Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 one-shot – this is only for guest appearances in other titles. If you know of an Alpha Flight appearance not mentioned on alphaflight.net or this site, please email me. Also, if you know of an upcoming appearance, I’d love to know about it.

2. You made a mistake!
Sorry. Email me and I’ll definitely look into it and give you a No-Prize. The most likely area for mistakes have to do with properly identifying Mac and Heather as Guardian or Vindicator and erroneously identifying very tiny cameos. I take index information only from issues I own, not from the notes of others.

3. Guardian II is Heather, etc.!
To avoid the Roman Numeral hell of Guardians, Vindicators, Boxes, Sasquatches and Pucks, I use the following convention: The name of the character at the time of the appearance, followed by a parenthetical, e.g. Guardian (Mac) or Guardian (Heather). 

4. You don’t list the pencilers or the letterers!
There are other great websites out there that have already catalogued such details. The purpose of this site is to index the details of the Alpha Flight connection in other titles so that Alpha Flight collectors can have a resource for building or maintaining their own collection. The penciler is not an Alpha Flight connection.

5. Trade Paperbacks are comics, too!
Yes, they are. However, I generally don’t include TPB’s in this site because they contain all of the information you find in the original issues. If I happen to know that something new is included in a TPB, I may make a note of it. Please also feel free to email me a list of every single TPB’s collecting an Alpha Flight appearance in html format.

6. Wolverine was in Alpha Flight! So was Sunfire!
Okay, the rules for this site simply exclude Wolverine and Sunfire, because they were around a while before Alpha Flight was around.  It’s also debatable whether Alpha Flight formed before Wolverine left Dept H or after. I’ve always considered Sunfire to be a guest appearance in Alpha Flight (volume 2), not the other way around. Wolverine, what can I say, I love ya, uh, if you love him too, email me a list of every single one of his appearances in html format.

7. You omit Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Weapon Omega (Michael Pointer) and USAgent from this website!
Yes, I do. They aren’t Alpha Flight members. When I get around to making an “Omega Flight Collector” page, I’ll remember to include them.

4 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. Ryan Dunlavey Says:

    FYI: Madison, Lil and the Box suit all make key appearances in the MODOK: Reign Delay One-Shot that came out in September 2009. I, um, wrote it and drew it.
    Cool site! I found it while researching for… SOMETHING.
    Ryan D

  2. rplass Says:

    Hey, Ryan, thanks for the kind words! Yes, I already know about the MODOK issue, I have a copy, and it’s on the schedule for the weekly Monday/FUNday series. I love that issue, especially the part where Lil spray paints the stencil on the front of the Box armor!

    Now I am very curious what you might be researching… of course you can’t say since Marvel/Disney swore you to secrecy, but if it’s a sequel, that would be awesome!

  3. Mutty Says:


    Apologies – can’t find your email address anywhere on here.

    Puck has appeared in Wolverine #2 this month and will continue to appear in the next issue as part of the ongoing storyline.

    All the best


    • rplass Says:

      Hi Mutty! Thanks for the comment. I do know about that issue, so please look for it soon on this site! Check out the forums over at alphaflight.net where I post under “rplass” as well to keep up with upcoming releases of new Alpha Flight stuff!

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