Northstar / X-Men (Part II)

Northstar’s second stint with the X-Men followed a brief appearance in Secret Invasion: X-Men #2 (Nov 2008).  Invited to join by Wolverine for the purpose of adding a speedster to the roster, he appeared in numerous issues, notably the Sisterhood arc, Utopia and Nation X, and is currently a member.

He returned to his classic black and white starburst costume, with the addition of a circumscribed X on the chest, but is often shown without the X. He sometimes sports a simple white belt, which seems to come and go as well.

Here is a listing of Northstar’s appearances as an X-Men, Part II, in chronological order (suggested read order), starting with publication date Jun 2009.

Sisterhood arc:


Nation X:

Second Coming:

Heroic Age:

  • New Mutants #15 – Cameo, Northstar carries a section of pipe in one panel
  • New Mutants #20 – Cameo, Northstar assembles with X-Men on Utopia. Nice hair.

Curse of the Mutants:

The Five Lights:


Age of X:

First to Last:

Fear Itself:


  • X-Men: Schism #2 – Northstar’s feet with Aurora attacking Sentinels in the Red Sea.


  • X-Men Legacy #259 – Holds the failsafe switch for Dr. Nemesis

2 Responses to “Northstar / X-Men (Part II)”

  1. Phil Says:

    Personally I’d count it as his 3rd stint if you included Eve of Destruction.
    Maybe that’s just me though.

  2. rplass Says:

    Yeah, I had some hesitation about calling it Part II or Part III… but I didn’t feel too strong either way. I eventually felt that Eve of Destruction was just too unofficial. So I just lumped Eve of Destruction with his time teaching, then being on the team again, then “Am I expected to just teach?” then back on the team again in X-Men 164, finally ending with his death in Wolverine #25.

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