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Wild Child cameos in All-New Wolverine Saga promo

October 7, 2010

All-New Wolverine Saga
Oct 2010

No, not that Wolverine Saga and no, not that other Wolverine Saga. This is the All-New version, as opposed to the four issue squarebound mini from 1989 and the free promo from March of 2009 (in which Alpha Flight also appeared) with the same name. This free promo comic came out in late August 2010 to bring readers up to speed on what was going on in the Wolverine world in preparation for the re-re-re-launch of the Wolverine title the following week, as well as the launch of the X-23 title, the launch of Daken’s Dark Wolverine title and the launch of the Uncanny X-Force title. In the Wolverine section, Wild Child appears in two reprinted panels.

Wolverine’s eleven page section covers the main events of the Wolverine: Origins series, as well as some key events from later issues of the previous Wolverine series that ran from 2003 to 2009. Part of the full page splash of Wild Child from Wolverine #53 is shown. Here is the panel from the original issue:

Additionally, a panel from Wolverine Origins #39 taken right before his death at the hands of Omega red is shown. Shown here is the panel from the original issue:

The accompanying text is written by Jeph York as narrated by Wolverine and references the events from these two issues accurately. The story told is rather Romulus-centric, with an unstated but welcome emphasis on the closing of that chapter in Logan’s life story.