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Mac and Heather in Origins of Siege #1

January 5, 2010

Origins of Siege #1
Feb 2010

This free promo comic contains 32pp of a mixture of prologue material, preview material from Siege #1 and 12 single pages of character origins, all related to the upcoming Siege crossover, Marvel’s big 2010 company-wide event. The 12 pages of character origins are all written by Fred van Lente and are drawn by 12 different artists. These origin pages are very nicely done, seeing as how difficult it is to cram an entire origin into a single page for most characters.

On Wolverine’s page, Mac and Heather appear in a single panel in flashback to the “honeymoon in the woods” scene from Alpha Flight #33, written by Bill Mantlo. Mac and Heather aren’t identified, except as “a backpacking couple [who] discovered him and nursed him back to health – – and humanity.” But, we all know who they are despite the missing snowshoes. A nice touch from artists Mike Choi and Sonia Oback: the honeymooners have a chilly breath, a minor but charming little detail of coloring.

It was nice of Fred van Lente to include Mac and Heather. He only had a single page to tell Logan’s origin, a task that seems ridiculous when you consider the extreme volume of material. He could have left out that scene completely in favor of about fifty other scenes that could be just as useful in the narrative, so this is much appreciated! Thanks, Fred!