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Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook

September 30, 2010

Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook

No issue number nor month of publication is indicated except for its manufacturing date between 6/25/10 and 7/14/10. It was released on 7/28/10, when other books were marked with a Sep 2010 cover date.

As part of the Women of Marvel series, and Marvel’s 70th Anniversary, this 240pp tpb is really a collection of reprinted OHOTMU (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe) entries of various Marvel women, with some minor corrections, updates and modifications. For nearly all of the entries, the original text and illustrations are copied almost exactly from the OHOTMU A-Z Hardcovers published in 2008-2010. A few key characters have their entries updated, but still only slightly. Alpha Flight Collector doesn’t usually post about trade paperback reprints, but since this a collection, not a straight-up reprint, and there are some changes, albeit very minor, an exception was made. Aurora, Snowbird and Vindicator (Heather) have their entries reprinted from that series, with very minor modifications. Additionally, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch and Windshear (none of whom are currently Women of Marvel), appear in part or whole in illustrations within these entries.

Aurora’s 2pg entry is identical to the one in the Hardcover series issue #1, with the exception of listing her membership in the X-Men, as revealed in issue #13 of the Hardcovers in the X-Men entry. The only news on the Aurora front since the original entry was published in 2008 was her participation in Secret Invasion and her current status as COO of Northstar’s company, but neither of those are mentioned. Like the previous entry in issue #1, Northstar, Puck and Windshear appear in the illustrations; Northstar from X-Men Annual #1 (2007), part of Puck’s arm from the opening splash page of Alpha Flight #39 and Windshear’s right leg from the cover of Alpha Flight #95.

Snowbird’s 2pg entry is identical to the one in the Hardcover series #10, with the exception of a slight rearrangement of the main illustration and an inset picture. Since that entry, Snowbird had a fairly major appearance in Marvel Heartbreakers #1, but no mention of that was made. Like the previous entry from issue #10, Sasquatch appears an oddly pink colored illustration from Alpha Flight #23

Vindicator’s entry is identical to the one in the Hardcover series #12, with no exception. She’s been dead since then, so we wouldn’t expect any new info. Like the previous entry from that issue, part of Northstar’s back and Sasquatch’s right shoulder appear in an illustration from the battle armor panel from Uncanny X-Men #432.

Since the amount of new information is so excruciatingly small, precious few Alpha Flight fans would pick this up for their collection, preferring to own the original Hardcovers instead. In fact, the only difference in text among any of these entries is in Aurora’s “Group Affiliation” listing where it now says, “X-Men”!

Note that other Alpha babes had entries in the OHOTMU A-Z Hardcovers but were not reprinted in this book: Diamond Lil had a 1pg entry in #3, Nemesis had a 1pg entry in #8, Puck (Zuzha) had a 1pg entry in #9, Talisman (Elizabeth) had a 2pg entry in #11, and Witchfire had an entry in issue #13, but none of them made it in.


Diamond Lil cameo in Dazzler #1

June 25, 2010

Dazzler #1
Jul 2010

This One-Shot exists along the dimensional axis of the Necrosha story line juxtaposed with the Women of Marvel conceptual meta-arc. What the heck does that mean? Well, it’s labeled as a “Necrosha Aftermath” issue, the only one of its kind at the time of its release. It’s also part of Marvel’s “Women of Marvel” promotion of female comic characters and creators. Diamond Lil appears in one panel, in flashback to the unfortunate events of X-Force #23.

The story line picks up some time after Necrosha ends, but before Second Coming begins, telling the story of Dazzler re-uniting with her sister Mortis. Diamond Lil appears in the 2nd segment of the book, titled, “Tough Call”, referring to a phone call Dazzler makes to their mom after she brings her captured sister to Utopia for treatment. Penciled by Italian artist Francesca Ciregia, the image in flashback is among several images of Mortis as remembered by Dazzler, up to and including the Necrosha arc.

The Women of Marvel project, which includes a disorganized smattering of one-shots, miniseries, an omnibus edition and an OHOTMU collection, is explained in part by Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel:

…one facet of the program is to celebrate women of the industry, whether they are super-heroines, super-villainesses, artists, writers, editors, colorists, inkers, proofreaders, models, [etc.]

which would be fine if any of Alpha’s women were included besides for the meaningless and technically impossible death choke shown in this issue. Where are: Aurora, Snowbird, Talisman, Persuasion, Goblyn, Pathway, Witchfire, Murmur, Ghost Girl, and/or Stitch? Not to be found in this company-wide promotion! We’ll have to wait until Canadian Women of Marvel starts up, hopefully soon!