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Adorable Alpha Babies

February 8, 2010

Every Monday, Alpha Flight Collector looks at the lighter side, and this week, we get teensy weensy as well! In the 20th (!) weekly installment of FUNday, we look at the cutest little version of Alpha Flight characters you’ll ever see.

X-Babies #4
Mar 2010

Born (get it?) out of the same Mojoworld universe of the adjectiveless X-Babies, the Adorable X-Babies are the cuter, indestructibler versions who replace them in the ratings. Unable to take it any longer, Wolverine sliced up all of the Adorable X-Babies in a berserker rage, only to have their fleshy bits and pieces reborn into an Adorable X-Baby army of unimaginable proportions. Among the countless super-cute super-babies created out of this carnage are Northstar, Aurora, Wild Child and Box, who appear in cameo in a few panels.

During a gigantic climactic battle between the X-Babies (along with their new allies, heroes from the Star Comics line of the 80s) and this army, Adorable X-Babies Northstar and Aurora can be seen flying around Rogue in one panel. You can also see them again later, in a few more panels, flying.


Wild Child can be seen among a group of clawed Adorable X-Baby mutants with lupine/feline appearances. Unfortunately, he is quickly taken out by Top Dog, a super-smart talking dog from the Star Comics line.

Box (Jeffries) can be seen among a group of mechanized/robot Adorable X-Babies, but he had already been taken out by the real X-Baby version of Kitty Pryde.

After Spiral shows up, all of the Adorable X-Babies are sucked into a teleportation vortex and sent very far away, thus ending the pernicious threat.

There are dozens and dozens of tiny appearances of Adorable X-Baby versions of mutants from all over the Marvel Universe, some of which are quite obscure. Strain your eyes long enough and you’ll find even more X-Baby cameos among the tiny, tiny figures. You have to be quick, otherwise you’ll miss some of the subtle but hilarious jokes in the circus-like atmosphere of this hyperkinetic story.

Writer Greg Schigiel and artist Jacob Chabot clearly had a heck of a lot of fun with this story, especially warmed with nostalgia for characters from the Star Comics line who we haven’t seen for 25 years. Watching the cute little babies get smashed, sliced, bashed, blasted, crushed, burnt, frozen and headbutted (oh, don’t worry, they’re all indestructible) is just what FUNday is all about!

Note: there is a variant cover by Jacob Chabot.

X-Babies #4 -Jacob Chabot variant